September 13th, 2015


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Yesterday the weather was blessedly mild and Christine proposed we drive up to the Concord area to get a sense of what it is like. I found an open house that fit our criteria that we visited -- wow, there were some clear Needs To Be Fixed issues. On the other hand, huge fig tree and two citrus trees in the back yard, and a neighbor had glorious grapes hanging over the fence.

Is fruit on your side of the fence yours or your neighbors? What if the weight of the grapes is pulling down the fence?

Anyhow, i've totally redesigned the house several times. Not like we're going to get it: we've forced ourselves into a period of not being able to commit, so we have time to mull.

On Wednesday i talked to someone in HR about moving east and how my salary would be adjusted. She was surprised to find how in advance of action i was asking.

Martinez is a charming town. I think it feels different because it has strong boundaries between the bay and the hills that surround it. It sprawls to its limits, but doesn't have the peninsula experience of one town seamlessly blending into the next. We spent time on its bayfront marina area, and drove around some of its early 20th century buildings. John Muir's home is on the outskirts of the town as a National Historic Park.

Plusses of moving to that area are that we get a good bit more house and yard than in the closer-in Bay Area, there seems to be an arts community, and it's still California. The commute is a killer and i would be moving away from my community -- almost just as if i was moving to the east coast.

One positive hint from HR was that moving to NC wouldn't be completely out of the question. So that will be something to negotiate with my manager when the time comes.