August 19th, 2015


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It is a wonderfully temperate day. If there was just some way that cars would not heat up like little solar ovens in the parking lot. Other than the hot car, it's been quite comfortable, a pleasure after the record heat on Sunday.

I was just driving through the Googleplex en route and on return from Shoreline park. The massive white buses are dense on the road -- but traffic isn't. While i am frustrated by the issues raised by the corporate busses (how pulling those users out of public transit removes the user base to improve public transit for the rest of us), driving around the Googleplex at rush hour made me really appreciate the behemoths. The traffic didn't seem much different from when i worked out that way except for the busses and the clumps of Google bike riders.

I held another's pain today with another person. "This is a safe space," i tried to affirm, but the third person was in so much pain.... I hope that effort will make way for healing.