April 21st, 2015


(no subject)

Retreat went well; returned to find Christine had had a rough weekend (as she took on a massive household task). She did a wonderful job; i'm just so sorry it drained her so. Monday we both recovered.

Today, back at the office for me, feeling i'd been gone longer than i was. Finally did a task which i think of as an anti-flow task, as it was incredibly challenging to get "into" it.

This evening i caught something in the back of my throat after dinner, triggering a coughing spasm. That has wiped me out. The second episode of Wolf Hall was quite engaging - and it was nice to have a linear time line!

My mother says that my Grandmámá is merely enduring, and so i'm pondering the need to take time to see her the next time i fly cross country. Which, all things going as expected, will be in the balmy days of mid July when we celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Oh, to go from NC in mid July to Tampa FL in mid July. Ah shall jus mahelt.

I have become clear that i should practice standing on one leg. I think it will help strengthen my ankles and at least help me have a bit more balance. I do not want to sprain my ankles again.