April 10th, 2015


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I'm feeling uncommonly "up" today, which is nice. I can thinking a confluence of positive causes: work email is devoid of anything to trouble me, the conference ended on a positive energy level for me, i'm feeling pretty healthy with only one area of irritation, the weather is charming. Christine too is in a good spot. Joy and delight! And my word what a switch from Friday last.

The third day of the conference had a much reduced attendance, and i could really tell how much less draining it was. The first two days i couldn't bear the thought of dinner and drinks after. Yesterday i could imagine going, although after walking home hatless in a black dress in the bright sun i did not try to motivate myself to leave. (A proto-blister also seemed a disincentive.) Still, it seemed like there was some crowd density threshold that the third day failed to cross, leaving me to feel far less trapped and drained.

--== The work day passes ==--

I am happily still "up" at the end of the day. Admittedly, i wasn't the most effective employee today as i was distracted by Christine's idea of buying out her siblings and cousins regarding a share of property currently being farmed for soybeans in eastern South Carolina. We speculated about putting it under timber (pecans!) and selling carbon sequestration credits. That then had me doing research about that, what were nearby large trees, and eventually, looking up the parcel in the county clerk's online resource.

So, there's the tax value and then there's the land value. Apparently the tax value is one quarter the land value. The "class code" (undefined) says, "MV-Market Value, non taxable value (receiving special use or exemption for a reduced taxable value)," which presumably explains it although i can't seem to parse the comma between "market value" and "non taxable value" in a way that makes sense. Whatever the situation, buying out siblings and cousins would now take a significant chunk, which we would need for a down payment if we were to buy here.

Where there isn't any water. (liminal_space, i so hear you.)

The temptation to get a RV and go live with wolves is being mentioned more and more often in the household.