February 9th, 2015


(no subject)

I probably need a deep debriefing, but there's not time this morning.

Last week i spent time proposing that Meeting hold a Public Meeting for Worship on the night of the 22nd, in concert with other groups around the country marking the third month anniversary of Tamir Rice's death. I was chided for some of my proposal for a Usual White Error viz leadership and carried that heavily as earlier communication advices at work were also still weighing heavily: am i that oblivious, i wondered. By the end of the week, though, the chider had publicly apologized for misunderstanding me and she apologized to me in person. I value her thoughtfulness, so i am glad to find that i had not stumbled into the territory of the completely oblivious. (Although, i do think i wrote my original ideas out in a very unclear manner leading to the miscommunication.)

Meeting will be going ahead with this public witness, and i am glad. Two other folks are helping make it happen.

I clerked my first meeting for business yesterday. Early at the beginning the recording clerk had to nudge me to notice someone raising their hand. Ah, i don't need to just listen to those speaking: i need to listen to those listening! I noticed a Friends shaking her head in disagreement later in meeting, while a minute was being read. Ah, she has an issue, i noted. I kept her in mind as we approved, and was happy when she spoke about her concerns at the very end of meeting: she felt the minute was too optimistic but in the right direction. She felt more was needed.

Another point was realizing another Friend had asked a question and raised a concern that wasn't answered. The speaker hadn't heard her real question and was lecturing her. I interrupted, answered the question she had asked, and checked to see if that was the question. Later i checked to see how her concern still rested with her.

I think i did OK on my first time out. Friends were all supportive.

It was a short meeting for business, but it was plenty of spoons. But i had them.