January 12th, 2015


embarking on the day


After yesterday's journaling i thought about why i didn't have good daily habits and that now would be a good time to develop them.

And i thought about some changes.

And i made some plans.

These plans involved getting up at the usual time.

Not at midnight.

Or 2:15

Or 4:0something.

Which are all times i woke up, with various physical discomforts, unlike my usual sleep through the night.

At the usual time, i crankily kept sleeping.


Anyhow, experiment will continue tomorrow, when i need, want, desire to get in the car and go to a botanical workshop.

Today: well, i did go ahead and do some of the new ritual of casting the day off from dock, and it was sloppy, which i suppose is to be expected on the first try.

We'll see about not abandoning a flaming ship of day at the end of the tour.


Filling the Form: inspired by an Artist's Way at Work exercise

Take the list or similar, and quickly dash off three small things in each area that can be done to improve your quality of being. Then set aside. Repeat the process some time later (a quarter? "ten week" period?) and then review the previous one.

1. Work space
* I've quit using my trackball -- can i do something about that? Do i need to? (Far less motion to tap on the trackpad....)
* I've done so much to optimize this space: it seems the issue is making use of it. Probably something better when i make it photo studio-like.

2. Car/transportation
* clean the interior. If Christine doesn't do it as a surprise for Valentines day when i'm out of town, i'll get it done.
* be a little more intentional about putting the grocery bags in the car instead of throwing them in the back seat.
* Again, i feel like this is optimized....

3. Kitchen
* Continue to pare down stuff that isn't used regularly to make room for the stuff that is.
* Use up or discard all the gluten free flours -- maybe better containers? Hodge podge.
* Damn cabinet door.
* Damn drawer runner.
* Christine says she's going to provide me a diagram of where things go in the refrigerator.
* Oh yeah, this space could use attention.

4. Living room
* This room intentionally ignored.

5. Bedroom
* I think the side effects of intentional embarking and disembarking from the day will help here.

6. Wardrobe
* New sandals for my birthday.
* Purge stuff not being worn.
* This is going well.

7. Reading list or entertainment plans
* More crochet or knitting while watching.
* I think the side effects of intentional embarking and disembarking from the day will bring some intentionality here.

8. Exercise habits
* develop some.
* develop some.
* develop some.

9. Eating habits
* Less eating than cooking habits: explore variations on our standard themes.

10. Spiritual/intellectual maintenance
* continue the practice from the harvest time and holidays of taking micro breaks and reflecting on a prayer of lovingkindness