September 15th, 2014


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Timestamp 5:53 am

Ha, the Sustainability MOOC i'm taking may have crashed someone's webserver. The case study for this week is down. I read it last night: it describes transitions between types of property rights as tied to evolution of agriculture. It was interesting in light of some thoughts i had when reading about the ... Cambodian? rubber plantations.

--==∞==-- Time passes. --==∞==--

3:59 pm Wow, that day sped by...

4:50 pm and keeps on doing so.

Query: Are there concerns i may ask another to carry for me?

Christine is carrying many of our household concerns. I don't think there's anything more to ask her to carry.

My dad is carrying the concern about my mother. I'm letting that go for a while.

Not sure there are any work concerns that i don't already try to delegate. Just today i asked the architect to lead in one important area - hoping he will. I'm letting my boss carry the worries about the coming reorg and the new CTO's leadership. (Not impressed that the CTO hasn't met with the release management group.)

I'm trying to let go of concerns about Meeting. My role now should be taking on other's concerns (and helping the clerk lead the community in addressing them), not generating my own.

I know others are carrying my health as a concern. I probably need to take more responsibility for that, myself.