June 7th, 2014


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I've read the internet this morning, reveling in various botanical and ecological content, tweeting and plusing away.

Yesterday work started very early after a long evening of things going wrong with an install. So i quit at the end of the east coast day, tried to nap, and then pushed Christine out the door to go to a native plant nursery. Took the PST afternoon after an EST day to buy model flowers ... on Twitpic The nursery was "over the hill" on the way to Half Moon Bay, and the "need gas" warning came on as we drove there. Since i didn't want to be delayed to when the nursery closed, we decided to get gas in Half Moon Bay (surprisingly, not marked up beyond belief).

Since it was 5 pm-ish (and, gee, won't the traffic home be miserable) we went for dinner at Ketch Joanne. I think of it as a reasonable hole-in-the-wall with delicious food, but the bill was more than a tank of gas -- and provokes a great deal of budgetary pondering on my part. Then we took a tiny walk on a harbor beach, and i found in the very limited wrack line a nice diversity of seaweeds.

Green: ulva sp
Brown: Stephanocystis osmundacea (bladder chain), Postelsia palmaeformis (palm tree), Macrocystis pyrifera (giant kelp)
Red: Mastocarpus sp, thick clump of a feathery algae seems like Ceramiaceae family with bits of Corallina vancouveriensis, and a delicate epiphyte on surf grass

On the way home we pulled over so i could pick some lupines from the roadside. Thief, thief! So i better go photograph them before they fade.