May 23rd, 2014


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For those folks reading Live Journal, i am HIGHLY AMUSED to see in the bottom right of the new "entries feed" "© 1999 LiveJournal, Inc. All rights reserved"


Yesterday, the experience i call "not trigeminal neuralgia" came on fairly strong Collapse )

I have a hiring interview today, and i'm not entirely "into" it. The fact it is another Ohio hire is depressing.

I told myself i'd start early today because i don't have a meeting and i can actually think for a little while before the waves of engagement begin crashing around me.

However, movies. I've been watching "grown up" movies recently. Meryl Streep's "The Iron Lady" was far more moving and engaging than i expected, and following that with "The Night Train to Lisbon" was a fascinating pairing of narrative flashbacks and life choices. Last night i watched the first half of "Hannah Arendt" before deciding that sleep was the best analgesic.

I talked with Christine about some of my quibbles about the framing of life in "The Night Train to Lisbon." Her answer was to point out how the European wars in the 1900s had shaped the existentialists. The way the protagonist celebrates the lives of the people caught up in the Portugese resistance and dismisses his own as boring.... i reject that.

Well, on to my own "boring" life. (Filled with meaning!)