January 21st, 2014


(no subject)

Feeling tired.

Last evening i came back to the hotel by way of a small park and the grocery store. I would have loved to trundle along the trails, but my shoes weren't likely to have the traction needed for sure footing on the icy, compacted snow that covered the trails. I did go to the platform overlooking the small gorge to look down at the swift flowing creek and it's snowy banks.

At the grocery i picked up more lotion (the tiny bit i brought wasn't going to last in the dry heated air), hydrocortisone (i should have brought my skin steroids), and dinner of veggie sushi rolls, goat cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, and fig paste. I ended up not having the salmon, but it will keep for tonight.

I had a long chat with Christine, including a pleasurable discussion of the app. I've grown used to the colors and one small place i had asked for a change, i retracted. The best part was being so conscious of the joy of working with her, as i miss her so. Hurrah for our Monday meetings.

Must get some work done. Meetings start at 8:15.