November 23rd, 2013


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Christine, to Edward, "Bring your collar home the next time you are out. You can do it."
I chime in, "It's easier than bringing a mole in."


We carried three bags of books to the used book store today, and one bag home from the nearby grocery. Christine picked out cinnamon bread, i picked out a cinnamon spiced hard cider. She got cream top 2% milk, i got powdered whey. Fewer pounds on the return home than outgoing.


We had brunch out. I completely misread the menu. I speculate that i looked so carefully for chorizo in the Huevos rancheros i missed there was ham. I'm pretty sure i would have noticed the jalapenos as well. However, the rosemary seasoned potatoes and the lose leaf tea served in a significant sized pot made the whole breakfast a win. I ate the ham: no sense letting it go to waste.

Two hour long committee meeting at the meeting house about our committee structure approaches.