September 26th, 2013


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Today we announce the new manager to the team and then he will train them in some testing techniques.

I'm not sure how weird that will be, but it is probably more fair than letting the team spend a day with some random guy and then for them to discover that he's our new near-director.

I had a lovely chat with my product colleague on Tuesday where he took the idea of me as architect seriously. Felt lovely to have that affirmation. We will have to see what breadth the New Manager takes to his work. As i noted, i can't turn my back on the larger issues until someone has them. Then there's the fact the New Manager gets to hire the architect and current plan is to have the person in Ohio.

The thought of summer humidity melts me.

But real estate prices are better.

On the other hand, battleground state. It could be amusing to use our legacy het privilege to poke at Ohio's laws, and it could be exhausting.


The days have been lovely, and there's a wind that blows that makes me think rain is on its way. The weather forecast suggests we might get clouds on Sunday, but no rain. It's a sweet cool breeze and whispers "season is changing" to me.

The birds at work are still the summer residents. I was briefly excited by some small diving birds, hoping for ruddy ducks, but they were coots.