September 19th, 2013


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Others might be interested in this interview: Unspoken Cues: Encouraging Morals Without Mandates -- Harvard Business School professor Michel Anteby studied his own employer to better understand how organizations can create moral behavior using unspoken cues.

I'm not sure what i think of the article -- many Harvard Business School articles trigger equal parts of curiosity and horror -- but it's interesting to frame Meeting experience in the terms to see what insights might emerge.

In considering whether the "vocal silence" method will be successful, the author uses the the nightmare phrase "human inputs" and then says "The screening and hiring procedures need therefore be quite robust to ensure continuity." Isn't this part of the clearness for Membership?

His comments on silence are interesting as well.


I overslept this morning and then, just as i'm getting tea started, a colleague calls in a dither. I become cranky at the panic and lack of organized thinking, but I guess that's my job. I sit, barely getting to drink the tea, calling my new lead developer and routing decisions.

Between the oversleeping and the 7 am call to alarm, i felt whacked out by the mid-afternoon. I need to do performance appraisals, and i desire a certain amount of clarity to do them.

I had meant to get up EARLY to work on them.

I've frittered the afternoon away. I've no idea what i've been thinking about -- oh, wait! I do I've been looking at places one can stay in cabins in Mendicino county. When my parents come out, it seems like the most pleasant thing to do. We aren't set up for particularly long visits, particularly if a buffer needs to be between, say, Christine & my parents.


Have i noticed the natural world? Working at home, i don't quite have the cues that i do in transit to the office. I thought about that while at the Meetinghouse Wednesday night: the leaves viewed through the windows don't show much sign of change. At dinner, though, the trees outside the restaurant were full of crows. Do crows migrate? Am i imagining more crows as autumn arrives?