September 18th, 2013


(no subject)

In my dream mind i recalled i had a 6 am meeting. I woke and made it. Amazing.

I have stacks and stacks to do, including performance appraisals. There are staff issues and new hires. I need to get to that.

I've done what i can to delegate the type things i usually try to intercept and get done so the team can focus. Not going to happen for a while.

I'm looking forward to my parents' coming visit sometime in October. There is no good time, and i try not to think about work and the visit at the same time.

I've taken a little break now so i will return.

Oh, wait, yes, yesterday was VERY windy, remarkably so even in the morning. Few birds were around the water feature. When i returned home, drifts of old redwood needle bundles lay about. The dead bits don't fall by themselves that often but need the wind and rain to knock them free: this was the first seriously windy day in quite a while.