August 27th, 2013


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Morning's reading and explorations:

* this article and promptly went to explore the tool at You can use it to visualize arms trade globally and focus on a particular country in the time span between 1992 and 2011.

* News about a Nevada agency that is euthanizing desert tortoises: The details of what and why are . I don't see people focussing on the second or third why: the "federal funds" are fees from developers, and with the development bust, those fees have dropped. This highlights a key issue for conservation groups to consider: if a developer is paying into a fund to allow them to develop habitat for an endangered specie, will the use of those funds be sustainable? Is it buying and protecting habitat, a one-time investment, or is it paying for salaries and consumables as presumably was the issue with the tortoise rescue.

The cats and i are so happy Christine is home. Christine expects that they will have to find hospice care for her mother in the next twelve months. I know this was a hard visit for her, but i'm so glad she was able to go and spend the time.

Work isn't quite as demanding as last week but Issues are still in a critical state.