August 23rd, 2013


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Yay, week over.

I have had down time: Wednesday i went to evening worship (and found a pool of joy in my heart) and then i went and visited a friend for a long chat. Yesterday i had some time in the morning, and i did a little work for Nominating committee. Today started early, and so i've watched lots of Netflix and have just started going through my reading list.

A friend posted a Spiritual practice peer support group invitation.

"I don't need that," i first thought, and then i realized i need to do something intentional about taking back my life. I have hope: now in need space to carry through. I replied,

I don't know what practice i need, but i know i need a practice. I've been letting work run me ragged and i need to set some boundaries.

We have labyrinth meditation disks that i could set out time during my work day to use, as well as reengaging my journaling with some intentional questions/queries. And a walk at least once a week.

And, ha, have i observed any of the wheel of the year in ages other than buying flowers for May Day...pfft. I've been so out of touch with OBSERVING the wheel of the year....

OK, i can think of some things!

Tomorrow i am off early to attend CA Grasslands Photography Workshop for Ecological Projects and Presentations. It won't help with the sense of burnout, but maybe the drive on quiet roads will. The workshop will inch me towards a new life. Although it will take a good many iPad apps to pay for it!