August 10th, 2013


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Mr M has pancreatitis and probably the onset of hyperthyroidism. We spent lots of time at the vet: the office schedule overrun. Understaffed? Too many emergencies? Our 11:30 appointment materialized around 12:15.

There was an adorable pug greeting everyone who came in the door and vamping for attention.

I checked work email, saw a "Oh noes" email about the practice install failing this weekend, called and suggested bouncing the apparently failing element. Bounce got most everything working. Yay.


In "This makes me super cranky" news, someone posted to a neighborhood mailing list that they were just accepted to istock photo, and did you have interesting yard elements he could photograph? His portfolio -- -- shows flowers, leaves, and a cat.

My rejection included these training references:

For more information on Composition and Impact, please see:
For more information on Suitable Stock Photography, please see:
For more information on files that we do and don't need please see:

I'm having a hard time seeing how this guy's photos are have better composition or impact than mine.

Maybe i will submit again.


And in final crankiness, while at the vet i checked work email. I've put in a handful of hours now. Cranky, because somethings that should be invisibly working, are themselves having issues which makes it hard to test the things of interest. DNS routing randomly taking me to the production servers then back to the pre-production servers is a particular recipe for madness.


What was i going to do today?