July 23rd, 2013


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I'm not sleeping well. It's an odd sort of not sleeping well: it's very unusual for me to have such a hard time waking. I know there were night sweats but...

Ah well.

My nephews stopped by Sunday afternoon and we showed them our seltzer bottle, and the eldest, Z, helped inject the CO2 into the bottle. Very good drama for kids! We're enjoying the seltzer and i'm kicking myself for buying the syrups instead of the bitters: the flavor is more dilute and the sugar isn't necessary. But it was good for the kids: blue curaçao flavored syrup is fun for kids.

I'm not sure if my taste buds are off due to a low grade case of rhinitis. The new Keemun has the smoky note, i guess, but not the other notes i favor. It doesn't have the edge, though, so that helps.

While i'm grumbling about my health, i should note that i do think i'm finally coming off the flare from this spring. The coughing from the asthma subsided months ago, but my skin still seemed very reactive. I haven't had new locations for skin issues for a while now. None of the locations were very extensive, but there were so many of them. My hands are well on the way to healing, my cheeks have been clear except for the one point i worried at so much. So i acknowledge that there is an improvement again.


In the dresses off of eBay saga, i'd become frustrated at getting summery colors, so i'd gone over my budget a bit on the last two purchases (still far less than the clearance prices at Travelsmith).

The last one is a bright pink -- Code Pink pink -- and has a sheen to it that screams (to me) PLASTIC. Part of the issue is it is very similar in feel and fit to my swimsuit top. I am getting up the nerve to wear it to work despite feeling cheap. Not cheap like sexually promiscuous but cheap like lacking in quality. On the other hand, other than the sheen of the dress (and the BRIGHT, the BRIGHT) it's REALLY comfortable and well made. It's actually completely lined with a more form fitting slip, so the fabric doesn't cling or bunch around all my lumps. The dress is fairly form fitting too, but fits well, so i'm curvy not paunchy.

This switch to dresses has been a switch to clothes that fit me well in a flattering way, but have also been far more bold in displaying myself as a curvy (large) being. This pink dress isn't easy to ignore.


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I find myself journaling during the middle of the work day for the first time in ages. It was, delightfully, a "normal" morning. Into the office by 9, to not receive the scheduled call by a person who rarely calls (not my boss).

However, i received retirement notice from one staff member (which means a discussion acknowledging his unhappiness) and news from a friend that her daughter has been in critical condition this weekend and will be loosing a kidney. I find the opening due to my colleague's departure for greener pastures will report to New Director, which makes sense, and yet fills me with a feeling of misery as i imagine the new person will be cut from the cloth that appeals to New Director.

I will need to make progress tonight on some botanical future. Maybe experiment with a narrative and photos using the Apple iBook tool. More research on the lost lupines of the Bay Area.

We've had a production issue which was not due to our system but a mailserver getting jammed up. Rumor has it someone sent a huge powerpoint out to a huge distribution list.