June 15th, 2013


(no subject)

Vacation and then three weeks of intensity have left me feeing decoupled from relationships outside of work.

This must be one of those disruptions that offers me a chance to restructure, be mindful of what i want. Admittedly, though, the sense of waking form the work trance is one of being dazed and uncertain as to what is necessary or desired.

There's self care and house care, which are neither immediate nor sustained gratification.

I've been poking at the Lupine work when i have had breaks, and note the undermining critical voice that passes through my mind. I try to hold tight to my vision of communicating not expertise but awareness of diversity in the natural world. I am not an expert in botany; i am someone who delights in the multitude of forms that plants have taken in their evolution. I want to help people who are curious up the next step in satisfying their curiosity, delivering them to the front door of the botanists prepared with satisfying observations.

To that end, should i make a photography junket this morning or continue with the photos i have?

Or, another long term investment in the future: should i do crafts with the supplies i have? All the paper supplies for making cards - i have pondered making cards not for my pleasure but to use the supplies and then try to sell on etsy ... i wish there was a way to see what was *selling* on etsy, not just what is for sale.

Christine has awakened: looks like we'll go for a photography walk.