June 4th, 2013


(no subject)

Spent too much time this morning pondering grey cards for controlling white balance (after reading http://www.natureandphotography.com/?p=1459&utm_source=feedly a few days ago) and whether a popup mesh laundry bag might make an interesting portable diffuser to put over plants.

I am so jealous of each minute before i have to get out of my morning reverie. I worry sometimes about how long i huddle in this gentle time on weekends -- i can spend the whole weekend reclined and pursuing my curiosity via the internet. I believe that were my time not so abruptly switched to constant triage of messages, all equally urgent from the sender, i would be able to transition out without the wrenching feeling.

I may get more jealous of this time before i get more generous. One of the best things about my new clarity is that there are so many threads of exploration that i now feel free to drop.


Christine is home tonight!