June 3rd, 2013


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The heat did hold off yesterday, and looks like it will hold off until Friday. And even then, it won't be that hot. That teaches me to sit in the sun too long wearing black.

I've had a slip in my confidence in my photography+writing vision, thinking about all the native plant experts who abound and feeling a sense of accusation of hubris washing over me. On the other hand, i feel a clarity about my desire and intent:....


At which point in my journaling, at 6:50 am, i get a Skype IM from a colleague, "yt" followed by "911." I interpret this as "Are you there? I have an emergency," and thus my day began.

It's now after 4. I've had a bowl of ice cream, a four bean salad, broccoli, and pumpernickel bread and cream cheese for lunch, eating the stress out. It wasn't a crisis, but getting clear that it wasn't a crisis but merely imperfect took a while. We still need to fix it by Thursday, which gives me more headaches than i care to think about.

Oh, goodie, in a sign of just how procrastinatory i am, i have finally reorganized a bunch of bookmarks i use for troubleshooting.


At about 5 pm i discovered that the application we use for our agile project management has a problem. If you log time to a task from one view of the task it shows up on the "burn down chart," but if you log time in other views it does not.

This may explain why my hardworking team seems to only log about half the time that we have to work.

At that point, i walked across the street and bought a bag of chips and spice drops. I have read the whole internet today.

Now to get the day's work done.


(no subject)

8 pm on the deck, the sun not quite set. Anna's hummingbirds feed at the scented geraniums and chase each other about. Goldfinches eat thistle seed, robins warble, California towhees hit their single note over and over. Crows call in the distance, and gulls cruise above the redwoods. I note the temperature (66.2 °F), sunset in 20 minutes, and wonder how quickly it will cool off.

I've a sweatshirt, jazz, tea and too much to do.

8:11 hummingbird checks out the lemon tree and the house finches "feeding." From the sound of the seed hitting the deck, i imagine them just tossing it out of the feeder. I've made it onto the VPN, onto the software control page and type while waiting for my approval to cycle.

8:16 Goldfinch at feeder. Distant robins. The highway sounds begin to dominate. A gull flies by catching the last red light. Sun still glows on the redwood bark.

8:20 four minutes to sunset and the goldfinch flies off. Robins are still singing.

8:26 Jazz and the highway and very distant crows. A robin whinnies around the corner. Mr M comes out on the deck to explore between the pots. It is remarkable how quickly the birds responded. It's dropped half a degree Fahrenheit.

8:44: airplanes, robins, and an insistant California towhee. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Sky is still light, but colors are fading to silhouettes. The cats circle me on the deck. The glow of the solar garden lights now seems significant.

8:50 last tweet? Mr M nests in my lap.

8:54 Mr M gives up on my lap. A robin is still warbling in the far distance. The sky is still light with no stars. I keep hearing Edward's collar bell ring from the nearby sidewalk.

8:59 I toss a blanket over my lap.It's 64.5 °F. Two install plans done, two to go. Not going to get to my performance appraisal or monthly report today.

9:50 Stars are out. I've made a nice dinner and eaten it. I just heard a cat yowl and went down to find Edward facing off with a inky black cat.

10:17 I'm done. Had a lovely chat with Christine who will be home tomorrow, huzzah.