June 2nd, 2013


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Yesterday afternoon i some combination of heat, forgetting my morning antidepressants, and exposure to bleach really hit me. I stayed on the deck a little too long. Today is predicted as "much cooler" than yesterday: since i don't think yesterday hit its predicted high, i'm not sure that will be true. There's only a three degree difference.

I miss the tree that shaded our eastern exposure: the western exposure remains a sauna, but now the other rooms heat up, too.

I need to write my performance appraisal and monthly report today, Friday's tasks, and i'm anxious about the midday malaise that hit me yesterday. I didn't get everything in the world done yesterday, and today it weighs on me. I miss Christine. (She and i have chatted, and she is well at her sister's place.)


Mr M seems so old and fragile that I find myself checking on him to see if he's still breathing. He's in good health and good spirits, but he's clearly stiff and arthritic. I think Greybrother's death -- while i was sitting only yards away, unaware -- struck me deeply.

He's sitting near me right now, paws crossed, chest rising and falling under his plush fur. I should give him one of his medications today: one for anemia, the other for constipation. He's learned the sound of the bottles opening and stalks away as one fills the syringe to hide under the bed.


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ARGH. Procrastination.

Feel desperate need to take shower and not get to work.

I've curated my eBooks not quite to death, but more than i needed to. I know have the first volume of the antique natural history journal Zoe on my iPad. I read numbers 1 and 2 yesterday, and note that Mendeley's app for reading on the iPad is a miserable experience.

Yesterday i also read Rob Sheppard's A Nature Manifesto. I feel that the goal of the project i'm starting on resonantes a bit with his call, in that my goal is to help people see the diversity of life in their locale.

Anyhow, first step is opening my work computer.


Recommendations wanted

I seem to have successfully found bloggers and teachers about nature photography, but i also would like to find a blogger about nature writing. Specifically, someone who writes about *how* to write about nature -- the craft of writing -- more than someone who writes about nature. A blog simply about writing nonfiction would be a good pointer as well.

By the way, there's a free app for preparing iPad eBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibooks-author/id490152466?ls=1&mt=12

Edited to add the "monthly report is under procrastination" tag.