May 15th, 2013


(no subject)

Long day. There was the moment where i questioned why we bother doing the work we do when someone with a super powerful support account cc'd me on a e-mail saying, "I've been told not to make accounts for people so here is my username and password." Argh!

So then i had lunch and felt better.

But still, long day.

I did go lead midweek worship, which was a pleasure. I should volunteer to lead more often so i get in the habit of going.

I admit, my mind wanders to homesteading fantasies that blend into my meditation images. I have a meditation on "clearing the spring," but instead on meditating, i was imagining. I imagined building a springhouse, digging into the slope the spring emerged from, using the soil to make bermed walls, planting old fashioned roses around the spring house, imaging a weeping willow and cat tails outside the springhouse, imaging the scent of roses in the sun on a hot summer day and the cool in the springhouse, and redwing blackbirds singing in the cattails.

This is worship, i think, but i don't know i can explain it. Is it about an idea of Edenic peace and perfection? A sympathy with the act of creation?

The ginger ale and peach vodka says it's time to close my eyes.