May 13th, 2013


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My mother spent her mother's day flying on a delayed flight from San Francisco to hong Kong and getting a middle of the night flight to Singapore. She and my father are now with my brother's family. Christine muttered something about people being so different, and i prodded her. She marveled that my brother's wife was up for spending weeks and weeks with my mother. Ah, i pointed out, she's going to North Korea.

I'm gearing up for all sorts of agitated criticisms of my brother's child raising choices in June.

And so it goes.

I was wakened yesterday at 5:30 for install issues: we worked on resolving them until a bit after 9. I could have gone to Meeting and Meeting for Business but i wanted to give myself time in the woods. We drove to a nearby point and found it overrun with families. I wasn't surprised. We ended up visiting the Castle Rock State Park, also crowded and packed. Such a contrast from my Monday walk.

I saw some flowers i had learned in my review on Monday, and i spent a small forever at home going through the key for Delphinum to identify the larkspur we saw growing beside the trail. It was lovely, but my photos are poorly composed or out of focus. I did get a luminous photo of a spotted coral root orchid and a macro image of a tiny violet, white with purple and yellow markings.

Christine and i talked about our app, what taking notes in the field on an iPad was like, and speculated what life could be like as freelancers. While the field notes app seems most interesting, i think an app that shows images and steps the user through "Is this a lupine?" could be game like, engaging, and something that could be engaged with while waiting for the dentist. I watched all the other folks on the trail: younger folks running up the hill, parents wrangling children, couples striding purposefully. No one else was noticing all the flowers or listening to the birds. While i have learned there IS a value in making tools that one would use oneself -- the tail of the market is still big enough to be interesting -- it was interesting to note the behavior of all the other trail users.

I suppose i ought to be driving to work in moments, so just a note that we also talked about my fantasy of living as free lancers in an RV, taking some jobs, and so on. I also probed Christine about where she would want to move if we were to live somewhere cheap, and we speculated about the mountains in NC. It is a plausible move: if freelancing has some dependency on nature photography, the region would offer plenty of opportunity while being closer to family and that network of relationships. I remain dubious/curious about freelancing. While we thought of add ons to the floral app - eCards and cafe press items for sale - i don't think it would ever be quite a complete business. eBooks are apparently sold at a better price point, so i can imagine repurposing to a guide as well, but still...