April 8th, 2013


(no subject)

Just wow.


Here i am working on the monthly report without my crazy angst. I have some angst (oy, did we demo anything worth mentioning?), but it's not crazy! Why is that?

Well, i planned to work on it before 2 pm (my "good" time of the day) and here i am, working on it! There's not been some crisis or problem or troubleshoot so the team isn't distracted event. I'm suing my pomodoro-inspired timing process which is giving me a rhythm of breaks.


It's still not the same as doing research, and troubleshooting does scratch the analysis itch, but it's a good feeling to see a workday going smoothly -- and me not collapsing in exhaustion at the withdrawal of pressure.

I've a daffodil on my desk, and i'm wearing a birthday outfit, and it's all good.