April 6th, 2013


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Thursday: made it through the workday on repeated doses of an analgesic+decongestant. Despite that, colleagues suggested i take something, as the congestion was rather apparent in my voice. I stopped work a little early and went to Edgewood. I was feeling decent, the rain seemed to be clearing, and i'd seen photos from Edgewood on my flickr feed.


I had only meant to spend a little while, as i had a 7pm meeting in a Google hangout to attend. I lost all track of time, traipsing down the trail just a little further to see if i could sight a new species or if a stand of flowers from earlier this year were still blooming, or if there was a slightly better sightline.

I was late to the hangout, of course, but it was the first for this online workshop, and the gathering of the less than technically adept was challenging. The other technically adept person was on a ferry using the ferry's wifi and that had the bandwidth you might expect from a shared service.

By the time dinner was over, i was to bed.

Friday started with a 6 am video conference, meetings one after the other, and came to a halt just as i had to scoot away for an afternoon committee meeting at the Meetinghouse. I stopped for coffee on the way home and got a half dozen donuts at the time. I have been rather responsible and let three donuts be my Friday treat. At home, i dawdled over this and that: catching up on the internet, looking at photos. Christine and i spent a while enjoying some trailer-tainment (goodness, that clip was over ten years ago!) failing to see anything we both wanted to see. "The Call" was high on Christine's list, and it looks like a quality production, but suspense thrillers get me all tense. We ended up staying home and watching yet another BBC produced detective series.

On to the weekend!