April 1st, 2013


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So, i knew i had an earlier start today -- traded for working at home -- but forgot as i hit snooze, snooze, snooze. I have started taking the antihistamine in the morning: i think i need to go back to taking it at night.

Yesterday i got in calls to my grandmother and my parents. My mother sounded particularly like she missed me so.

I found a 120 acre parcel with house in the wild mountains just beyond San Jose. Alpaca ranch land! Something must be seriously wrong with it, other than the fact that the roads to it are torturous. Must have no high speed internet access.

I continue to be impressed by the nearness of wilderness areas to this so urban area.

During worship my mind kept straying to planning shade on a bare southern exposure, beginning with espalier of fruit trees for a fast screen, a shade tree for longevity, and then blueberries or huckle berries once the shade was in place. Hedges for fields. Creating shelters with hedged trees (pleaching). Hedges provide shelter for wildlife compared to plain fencing - and so can be part of very sustainable practices.

What does it mean that my mind always turns to the interlocking or interleaving of things - -trees, yarn, other materials?