February 24th, 2013


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I went for a walk yesterday at Edgewood. I could identify all the plants! I even recognized the genus of the bird with a remarkably curved bill (a thrasher, a California Thrasher to be exact) so that it was not a long hunt, flipping through the bird book. (I observed the thrasher and thought it was a California Towhee: only observing through the long lens did i see the remarkable bill.) I had hoped to see more species of flowers, and i regret my only sighting of the purple mouse ears was from the back. I don't leave the trails, and so i am limited in what i can shoot with the telephoto.


I spent most of my identification time going down the plant key for Lomatium, looking up terms like puberulent, glaucus, and scarious, I am cheating, to some extent, as there is a nice gridded map of the park and one can search for the plants identified in the 480x450 square foot grid. Instead of narrowing by county and altitude and ecosystem, i can zoom in and limit my choices to those in that little square bit of the earth.

I am delighted with my note taking that started this time last year: i can compare my sightings of the same plants. (At Evernote.


Unfortunately, my hours hunting tiny flowers in large grassland areas in the bright sun seems to have brought on some sort of ocular headache. The windy road from the trailhead brought on some sort of nausea. Or maybe it was forgetting to take my meds or maybe it's the continued sinus issues. Whatever it is: i feel icky.

Last night we watched Neil Gaiman's and Roger Avary's Beowulf. I couldn't watch some scenes for the flashy shortcut, swoopy camera effects. The computer generated hair on Hrothgar's queen was impressive, but ... well, it was diverting but it seemed awfully empty. I don't think that can be blamed on the motion capture.

Or Naked Tomorrow
Tom Hilton's photo picks up a threat that i wish would motivate me to do laundry, but that big bright thing in the sky seems troubling. I'm staying in this dimly lit room.

I really ought to do laundry, but i've been staying in the dimly lit room. I have started yet another crochet project, mainly because i've been thinking of using this particular yarn for a wrap for a long while. I have a cone of mystery fiber black and another cone of mystery fiber teal green with white or grey fur-like fibers, both laceweight . I'm rather certain the teal is acrylic. Not certain about the black. It might be wool, but it's probably acrylic. (I'll try a burn test eventually: http://www.ditzyprints.com/dpburnchart.html .) I'm using a technique called Mosaic Crochet, which produces a fabric with an identical color-work pattern on both sides. (The blurb on the site is incorrect.)

... got hotel room & rental car for when i will be in Florida visiting my grandmother soon....