February 9th, 2013


Happy Caturday

I had a night of fitful sleep and rather strange dreams. One recurring setting was at a dammed creek in towering deciduous woods, probably in a bit a ravine. The damn was made of large blocks of a very dark stone, and the surround was in a bit of disrepair, yet not un pleasantly so. I would walk there (in sorrow?) and a jogger would pass. He and i would make eye contact. Then one time i am walking, crying, and see the jogger approaching. I pull myself together, he stops as if t ask if i am alright and then hesitates, seeing me putting on a brave face. He asks if he'll see me the next morning and jogs off.

This morning i've been playing Dungeons and Desktops, and it does lead to a rather positive feeling of making incremental progress.

The puttering with Amazon Web Services is because we are no longer colocating a mac mini in a data center, from which i could serve my web site (and Christine was hosting many others). It now sits in the living room, and i am crawling my blogs to make a static archive to put back up on the internet. I crawled for 12 hours before realizing something about how the crawler was configured was making an infinite depth of pages by inserting the path elements in over and over.