February 3rd, 2013


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Huzzah! The Quarterly Install -- the deployment of new releases of many of the Whale's products -- went off with no phone call to me last night. Huzzah, huzzah.

My old blogs and my website at my domain name have been offline for a week as the (mac mini) server they were running on was shipped to our home. Christine set up the machine on our network last night, and so i am slowly porting content to an Amazon bucket. Hacking the old html and getting them up onto Amazon feels like spring cleaning. I'll be ready for "positioning myself" once i figure out what i'm trying to do.

I just mentioned jojoland rhythm yesterday but didn't explain why the yarn is so special. It's a four ply yarn where the colors shift: the yarn might start as a three strands of blue green with a strand of wheat, then shift to a strand of wheat, two of russet, and one of blue green, then a russet, a blue green, and two purple blues ... These shifts go over many many yards, so there might be four or five shifts in a hundred yard ball -- but there are dozens of color combinations in the color pattern! Each ball doesn't necessarily have all the colors. We picked this colorway for the red: i don't think any of the balls i got have the red in them.