January 23rd, 2013


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Christine is getting ready to go off to class. It's wet and rainy here: the dampness makes it seem colder than it is, i think.

Today has been a blur: i hit snooze on the alarm, tired from the late-ish night out. By a little after 7 am though, i was skyping colleagues (just via text) regarding issues with work. Given the issues, i was up and at my desk working at 7:30. The day was a blur of wrangling troubleshooting status until after 2, at which point i had lunch and realized how tired i am.

Fortunately, i had gotten the news that the Career Counsellor is sick and was not coming today. Along with slow puttering at work I read the news, my list of web comics, and participated in a $10 New York Times survey that probed how willing i was to spend money on paid access to the NYT. I'm tempted by the Economist's digital offerings: primarily the audio version of the magazine.

I now need to decide what i'm going to do with this evening, the first of this semester's with me at home. Exercise should be on the list, and possibly a Scrum training video. Oh, the exciting dramatic life!


The Jackson Browne concert was delightful, intimate, sweet. We liked the San Jose Civic as a venue. I'll admit that the bar-concession stands were different from what i was expecting, but my expectations were probably shaped by North Carolina stadium concerts. Waiting for Jackson to take the stage we kept trying to count the number of guitars on the stage: Christine claims twenty just on the left side.

Jackson was chatty and relaxed, engaged with the audience. He was nudged into telling a story about one guitar, that began with, "Really, you don't want to know." There were still later calls for, "Tell another guitar story!"

He was prompted to play audience requests that the rest of the band hadn't rehearsed with him, but the guys were game. There was a distinct difference, though, when they played rehearsed songs. (The lighting board guy also seemed to have more action on those, too.) He let each of the other guitarists play one of their songs, and Christine and i both chatted with delight at how he seemed to be mentoring them.

I think i'll be delighted to go back to a concert there again.