January 12th, 2013


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This "worksheet" for the career advisor is .... daunting. As always, i don't know how to give short answers.

Here's one of the steps: would you like to play?

Poll 3 people (for instance, friends, spouse, significant other, family, colleagues, supervisors) and query them on these sorts of questions (email me the findings of your poll): If you want to hold off on this item till later, that is fine, too.

1. What do you see as my 3-5 greatest strengths?
2. What adjectives would you use to describe me?
3. What do you see that comes naturally to me that I might be taking for granted?
4. If I couldn't do anything similar to my past line of work, what completely different type of work would you see me doing?
5. In what type of work do you see me making the greatest contribution to my corner of the world?

Next step asks about greatest accomplishments. Accomplishments? Greatest?