January 9th, 2013


gratitude, work

Just to be clear, because i vent such that the story is not balanced, the colleagues i work with day-to-day DO value connecting with one another, developing relationships, consulting and listening to input, bringing issues forward before they become crises, and ensuring that communication flows.

This is one of the fabulous things about my current work.



Yay for being well enough to work a second very long day. I also met my exercise target today.

Thanks to y'all who commiserated about New Director. I shared my gratefulness with my colleagues for their camaraderie today. I should thank my good colleagues more often. I had good meetings with other folks. There's one person i think i consistently piss off in another group, a interaction made very difficult with the phone calls. I need to try and balance the difficulty of waiting for people STOP TALKING so the person not in the room can get in questions (so many people will just keep talking if they can't see the non verbals) and my learned assertiveness in interjecting/interrupting.

Hoping i can unwind quickly and fall asleep, as tomorrow has another long march of meetings.

With nebulous well wishes for all and a sad sense of missing y'all. (And are LJ & DW even more quiet? Or is it just my distracted mind?)