January 3rd, 2013


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I had the energy to get through the work day, but anxiety ate at me in a self-sabotaging sort of way. I used the tools i've been amassing, even going out for a quick walk. I think the first thing that bent me out of shape was that i had a fairly clear day when i checked my calendar, but had meetings 9:30 to 1:30 by 9 am. Fortunately, some were meetings i was not engaged in, and i multitasked like mad through those, getting not only time-card like paperwork done, but i also planned when my next breaks are.


I know i live under a rock, but the fact that there is a drug that PREVENTS HIV -- did this just not get reported widely? I'm looking at HIV prevention pill receives approval by FDA from July 16, 2012.

The cost, $13,900 in the US, is challenging. How does this get to the places where HIV is rampant, up to 20% infection rate in one country in Africa?


After work i visited with someone from Meeting who is becoming a friend. She is starting up on a new job and has an enthusiasm that comes from the new success that she is sharing with me.

What i discovered as we talked is that i still have some fairly substantial and practical discernment to do. Some of that discernment may be helped by the career coach, but i'd really like a therapist who is a good listener, too. I may go back to my body therapist, just because she is saavy.

I suppose i should write out the decisions and try to map them.

* making information available.
** Compare to Wikipedia, Evernote.
** Background with museums, archives, libraries.
*** several years working on copyright issues in developing system to discern copyright status of US items
** User-centric "data bank," helping individuals manage and mine personal data, with appropriate sharing with business
*** current specialization in Identity management
* Environmental issues
** GIS certificate
** analysis skills from nuclear physics training
** hobbies of gardening, hiking, botanical identifications
* (Data) analysis
** physics training
** interest in analysis in GIS, "data bank"
** undergraduate work in nonlinear analysis
** system design and identification of gaps
** UX analysis: identifying user needs, interface design issues
* "servant leadership" and managing teams
** working with team members to find meaning for them in their work
** agile practices
** Quaker decision making process
** forward looking at full system issues, problem identification & solving
** "professional development" - helping people shape their work to be most effective, energizing
* Design & arts
** hobbies include photography, acrylic painting, crochet design, card design

First: How "good" is my current job? Is it worth the negatives[1] to stay for the general area of specialization, benefits and people?

1) If i was to leave my current job for a similar job, what are the odds of a frying pan to fire experience?
1a) How similar is "similar"?
1a1) How likely is it to find a smaller company that isn't a start up?
1a2) How likely is it to find a management position that is far more creative if i am not a coder?
1b) If i look for the job title "architect," how should i package myself? What are the odds of finding something? [ie: how frequently would a non-computer scientist, non-programmer be accepted]
1c) If i look for the job title "UX manager/developer," how should i package myself? What are the odds of finding something?
1d) Is there another software development focussed job title i should examine?

2) How possible would it be for me to move to a leadership job in the bay area with no financial management background but an interest in team management? The COO position?
2a) in software development?
2b) in something else?

If i decide the current job is good enough for the immediate time, then there is the exploration of what to do in a mid future:
-- in a year, year and a half when Christine looks for a PhD school and we may move
-- in 2016 when a loan against my current retirement plan is up

[1] (1) Poor ability to influence upward because of (a) distance from the hq, (b) poor understanding of the role of management by director, (c) lower priority yet critical infrastructure project; (2) narrowing of job to more restrictive role so less 'creative' activity; (3) constant meetings during east coast overlap with many 6 am meetings -- which is the best time for me to do 'hard' work. Afternoons are my best meeting time.

I guess it's time to dash.


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This morning's better light leads me to believe the diving duck i'm watching isn't a redhead but a canvasback. I got a much better look at its beak today and it definitely had the sharper profile compared to a flat familiar duck bill. The lightness of the body compared to the redhead is probably also due to the better light and the bird staying on top of the water more than when it was chasing the mergansers.