December 24th, 2012


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For those who observe, i hope you are having a lovely Christmas, as busy or as quiet as you prefer.


The day:

We had a peculiar day where i woke at 3 am, coughing. I was terrified i was worse, and then realized i was actually feeling quite better. But i was quite awake.

Christine woke at 4, and when we realized we were both awake we decided to go to Denny's at 5 am. I was actually hungry, which was a delightful change from the previous days of The Cold.

Denny's is doing cross promotion with The Hobbit, with countless bizarre breakfast combinations like Radagast’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies. It did set The Hobbit in our mind.

After breakfast, a grocery store run, and then home before 7 am, to wait for the 8 am appointed phone call with my sister's family to "give" the kids their Kiva cards and select loans with them. We dabbled a bit, and then i pondered when a matinee of The Hobbit would be showing. It was 9:47 and the early viewing in 3D with the new frame rate was at 10. Given the state of trailers today, we had plenty of time to make the movie. We enjoyed it.

Home, naps, attempts to call my brother's family.... and then a sense of wistfulness, wishing i'd done more with this Yule holiday, celebrated more, observed more... but, The Cold! And an overwhelming sense that 2012 has slipped by me.

We made pumpkin corn flour waffles -- delicious -- for dinner, and are now turning in.