December 19th, 2012


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I'm staying home sick today. Yay.

Seeing this gift list meme, i am exploring the wishes i have.

"Fantasy Island"

1) A magic pill that would resolve the nagging health issues and the depression with the option to take another magic pill that would return me to my normal if i hate myself without these constraints.

3) House cleaning elves who thrive on spilled birdseed and catfood. I'll even throw in a saucer of milk. Have to be able to clean house without falling prey to cats.

4) Storage containers that store my craft supplies in only a few cubic feet but store ALL the craft supplies. This probably has some really dangerous side effect that i'm not seeing like, falling through the floor or developing a gravitational pull of its own.

"Wishful Thinking"

6) Long distance transit to family and the Whale HQ that is environmentally sound, comparable in cost to airfare, and is either is as speedy as current airtravel or is comfortable enough with technical support (wifi, power) so that i can work and sleep during transit. Dear Amtrack, Pu-leeeeesssseee!

"Possible but not easily bought"

2) The perfect job where i have time to LEAD and time to DESIGN, where we are solving problems i find meaningful, where someone else is capable at finding clients (and/or grants) enough to keep our company thriving. If i also get the magic pill it could be more demanding, if i don't get the magic pill it has to allow me time to stay healthy. [I put this under Fantasy, but i decided i would move it to Possible.]

"Money can't buy EVERYTHING but it can buy this..."

5) Omnigraffle, a personal copy. I think that would be more useful than a copy of Word.


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I requested assistance on the UHC's website about tracking down a psychiatrist. I'm sure the form was for initial intake questions, but i asked for the help i needed. They hooked me up with the "appointment service." They'll call all the people in my area and see if anyone has an appointment opening. Yay.

And they can waste their time calling folks who are no longer taking patients.