December 15th, 2012


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--== From Friday Morning ==--

I am still enjoying the amazement of my rapidly responsive computer.

Christine and i are pondering an informal betting application that runs off twitter and the currency is retweets. "#I-bet 5 RT that Youtube gets dates back in the initial page view by the end of the day."

Hrm, regarding the YouTube issue, maybe it was just that one video. Hmm.

--== ∞ ==--

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Christine frames my response in post-structuralist theory and quotes Jean Baudrillard to me, then explains i am attempting to preserve my reactions to real (that is, actually experienced) horrors by resisting having emotions triggered by the simulacrum of horrors (the signs, representation, hyperreality of reporting).


Meanwhile, i had a delightful day at work yesterday. I had hours to bury my mind in analysis and examination of an issue; it happened to be process oriented. I did a proper UML diagram, i got access to a test system to configure at will, i did a little research, i designed and tested, i documented my process with more diagrams, and emailed around a powerpoint (bleh). I felt i had really engaged, and - OH! how much i enjoyed my work!

If you are really curious, i can share what i have learned about setting up a Kanban board in Greenhopper using custom albeit generic JIRA workflows. I'm happy to share the XML workflow definition if you wish.

I was bouncing with delight at the end of my work, not wanting to get up to go to dinner until i had completed the last slide and the email to the relevant work discussion list. To go from idea to working prototype (which i consider implementation ready, barring team member rebellion) to documentation in just an afternoon (well, i kept working past 6 pm) is so empowering.

I am really looking forward to everyone being away and the meetings decreasing over the holidays! Please, please let me stay well!