December 13th, 2012


(no subject)

Thank you all for your support yesterday, rolling your eyes at New Director with me. I saw my therapist last night, and he called New Director "bush league."

One thing we identified last night is how some current work things are really poking at my abilities and responsibilities of being a manager. Am i able to provide the right representation of my team's efforts and abilities to folks up the decision making chain? It seems not. I'm doing what i can now, but i'm realizing how sidelined i am in certain decision making areas in which i assumed i would be consulted.


Hrm, on lexulous my letter rack is: STU[ ]WXYZ, where the "[ ]" indicates i have the blank tile. On my rack i'm thinking of it as V.


We added memory to my laptop last night, and i am in HEAVEN now. Bliss! When i think about doing something, it does it. I suppose i'll quit blaming my experience on this being a refurbished machine. Next step will likely be to get the hard drive replaced. I'm trying to manage my photos so that doesn't rush up on me, though.