December 11th, 2012


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My grandmother's husband came through the heart surgery well. He'll be brought up from sedation midday today, and then they will find out whether dying during the massive heart attack caused any brain damage. I'm not sure how old C is. I know he is younger than my grandmother who is 95-ish. But i don't think he's quite as young as my dad.

I talked to my Dad, finally, yesterday evening. I didn't hear how my grandmother was doing but i did get an accurate sense of what was going on. Since the EKG once C was hospitalized showed previous heart attacks, my dad thinks that some of the symptoms that were happening before he was called were due to smaller heart attacks.1

Dad sounded like he was enjoying meeting his step brothers and sisters due to this marriage. He has quite the step family: his father remarried so he has two or three step sibs from that relationship, and his mother remarried twice so there are many step siblings there. C apparently has five kids, although my sister thinks some of those are step kids.

1. My Dad has had similar EKG readings: his concluded also that he had a much stronger heart than usual for his age. His complaint of chest pain finally resolved to some pulled muscle in his chest, not his heart.
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Yesterday afternoon i drank three cups of tea and, bang, pow, wow! Did i feel fine! And then i came crashing down around 8 pm, but in general i have renewed appreciation for how uplifting tea is.

Now i need to ponder: did i have to start taking antidepressants when i quit drinking tea around the clock?

Could i have simply been self medicating for years?

Oh, good heavens: Drinking Tea Was Once Considered an Irresponsible, Reckless Pursuit for Women.

Also, tea seems far more uplifting than the afternoon cup of coffee i've been trying. I did have a nice bit of 50% coca chocolate too. Maybe it's the combination.