December 6th, 2012


(no subject)

Still in Ohio, pondering going out for a walk this morning and whether the "Feels like 20 degrees" statement is going to stop me. It's cold because it's clear, and a dose of real sunshine is much valued. Or, i could take my shoes and walk at lunch, risking the cloudy skies called for in the forecast.

My skin has flared, this time choosing my cheeks and around my eyes. Tiny bumps, somewhat like those associated with dyshidrotic eczema, are heavily clustered. It's not dyshidrotic eczema, though, since that presents on hands and feet. Thanks to the heavy and large glasses frames most of the flare probably passes as just flushed cheeks, maybe wind chapped. I wish i had brought the steroid creams, but there really hasn't been much call for me to use them, except in one persistent area where i knew i could wait a week.

Also, other unpleasant health symptoms are rampant this morning. Fortunately, tablets of Bismuth subsalicylate are in my emergency pack, and i expect i'll have relief. Also, in my "be prepared" packing is a small sewing kit that i was able to use to darn the small hole in my sweater this morning. I pondered a bit the "i can buy what ever i forgot" packing practice and the "be prepared" packing. I left home feeling i'd forgotten something -- not the steroids, that was an intentional omission -- and assured myself i could buy anything i needed. But "be prepared" seems to have won this trip.

The reason i felt underpacked is that i was wearing the coat when i left the house. Usually when i leave California the coat is bundled into one of the carry ons, bulking it up.