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The Graceful Story, So Far

Sunday, Christine & i visit the Pet Club, a fairly independent feeling local pet warehouse store. We look at the bulletin positing regarding kittens & cats who need homes, who had been trapped and collected at NASA Ames/Moffett Field by the Ames Cat Network. Two female estimated at eight months including a Russian Blue. Awwwwww. We've sort of -- well, I've sort of evolved to wanting a third cat. I think Christine would be happy to give every feline we could home with us. I think Christine sensed the "weakness" and pounced. Off went the message on Tuesday, "We saw your posting at Pet Club on Rengstorff and were interested to meet the Russian Blue and/or Siamese to see if one or both of them might be "feisty" enough to join our 10 and 15 year old indoor cats." Well, those two were gone, but there were other options including some grey & white females. Much email back and forth to establish our suitability and then we were connected to the fosterer -- and we picked up the kitty last night to give her a test run.

The fosterer has a cat room and Grace was hiding in a cat carrier on top of a cat tree in the bathroom. She's very frightened and skinny but sweet. She had already been spayed when they took her to the vet, so she must have had some contact with responsible people before her time on her own.

We were all willing to let her stay in that carrier, and we too her home, i petted her in the carrier all the way. She loved being scratched under her chin, and gave very gentle nips once or twice when i stopped. I was smitten.

So, when we got home, Christine took GreyBeard for his evening walk -- he zoomed out right under the cat carrier, totally ignoring the new presence -- and i took the carrier back to the bedroom. We knew we were going to set her up in the full bathroom, but i just wanted to sit with her for a while longer.

But, you know, the bed is very much the other cats' territory. So Mr M came in, sniffed the back of the carrier, and slunk low around to its front, and peered in. When he started to hiss, i reached to pull him away, and that's when his amygdala fired. He chomped me HARD. I doused it with hydrogen peroxide, but maybe i'll go to the doctor today. I drew lines around the pain region yesterday evening, assuming that was the bruise region, and now the extent is further. The temperature is slightly elevated there.

Anyhow, Christine took charge on coming in, took Grace into the bathroom, took the roof off the carrier, and tried to settle her in.

When i started writing, this, i thought the story was going to be about how frightened and scared she is. While she was on the bathroom sink when i first saw her -- and i think she'd been talking to Mr M under the door -- the next time i went in, she was in the dark cosy place we'd made for her. And, when i came in with my laptop, she was in the trash basket, under the shower curtain. And she hissed at me. Ohh, ohh, this is going to take forever. But after a while, i pulled the basket near me, petted her while i typed, and as i finish up, she's snuggling in my lap.

She seems a good bit more chatty and bossy than the others.

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