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[sticky post] Other ways to contact me [Apr. 4th, 2017|12:06 pm]

If i quit posting here, feel free to look for me at http://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/ .

I receive email via google's mail service at the user name elaineforexample.

Confidantes may find more information at http://elainegrey.livejournal.com/654579.html
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2017|07:18 am]
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Me: OK, i am ready to stop the 
       Voice: malingering 
Me: [thin lipped silence]
Me: I am ready to engage in 
       Voice: no you're not. Go play suduko. Read the NYTimes. 
   Perky: Hey, let's play "SILOS"!
       Voice: Give me a break.
Me: I'm not sure where you're from perky, but OK. 

Narrator: "SILOS" is a mnemonic for a list of reactions to pessimistic 

  Perky: So, is there a silver lining to the distractability this week?
Me  &  Voice: [together] NO.
  Perky: [Looks a little taken aback at Voice's participation.]
  Perky: Um, well, i'm going to write down something about, say, the 
         change of seasons and daylight savings time and -
Me: That's a silver lining?
  Perky: [Looking a little defeated] Well, you know, cycles of nature -
       Voice: I knew this would be a was-
Me: [Cutting Voice off] Right. Good to have a embodied reminder of the
    wheel of the year and the need to slow down. OK. What's next? I...?
       Voice: [Rolls eyes, slumps against the wall, looks bored]
  Perky: [Looking relieved]: Yes, right I... um, I stands for um 
    initiative? No, ummmm...
Me: [Opens notes and reads] SILOS: (look for a) Sliver lining, (re)
    Interpret, Learn, (identify) Opportunities, (is something) 
  Perky: OK, how do we reinterpret the week of -
       Voice: MALINGERING.
Me: Let's leave that for last. 
  Perky: [Relieved]
       Voice: You are really going to encourage this one to stay?
Me: [Glares at Voice]
  Perky: [Looks at Me, is encouraged] OK, then what can we learn from
         this past week?
Me: One, reading a novel doesn't always reset my brain. Two, i don't 
    like paperwork and i'm not well motivated to fill out the conflict
    interest forms to serve -
       Voice: Do more work and attend more meetings.
Me: Well - [deep breath] - right. I don't like doing work that makes me 
    review the month either
       Voice: because you do squat
  Perky: [Looks encouragingly at me]
Me: because i am insecure about how much i do. [Pause] This isn't new.
  Perky: Try a little more.
Me: [Pours more tea and looks out at the sunlight]
Me: Oh how i have missed having sunlight!
  Perky: How about you've learned that if you don't keep track of 
         minimal day-to-day status, it's hard to judge if there's 
         remnants of monthly cycles affecting your energy levels.
       Voice: [Looks suspiciously at Perky, under breath] That one is 
              sounding more confident. What gives?
Me: Sure. If i want to thrive, i need to be more clear on what these 
    cycles are. So, knowing today would be sunny helped a little in 
    being patient with the moodiness this week. Whether it was hormones
    or light, the moodiness would shift.
  Perky: Right, this is shifting to reinterpretation.
Me: ok, let me try from the top: 

So, it's been a week of patiently waiting out my lack of motivation and energy. The lack is possibly due to a "perfect storm" of time change, rainy grey weather, and possibly monthly cycle remnants. Last Friday we used some time management tools that put us on a faster pace than was comfortable. Yesterday we used the same tools and managed not to oppress our self with them. Instead of rushing into the race again, i should ease into today, laying a groundwork for effectiveness next week. I shouldn't look to do two weeks of work next week, but just a reasonable amount.

It's worth noting grey bleaknesses can reoccur frequently in the next months. This was a preview in a clear moment, perhaps thankfully when i didn't have deadlines making me miserable. So, maybe there's some way i could take advantage of bright days and prioritizing paper work and other miserable crap on those days, so end of the month reporting is done in small bites when i'm more energized.

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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2017|07:39 am]
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I'm occasionally thinking about whether in 30 years we can make the attic space into a nice studio or one bedroom apartment and have live in elder care. I find myself speculating that my dad might still be around but my mother not: would we offer him a room to live with us? I wonder too, if i might be widowed. I think it could be a nice place for someone: i'd encourage them to have pets, because at some point i'm not going to want to take on the responsibility of new pets. I have high hopes for what the property will be like in thirty years: chestnuts and filberts, fruit trees, and happy garden soil. Lovely walking trails through the woods.

--== ∞ ==--

Tuesday's gloom got to me at the end of the day. Monday's gloom defeated me by afternoon. Oh daylight, i miss you. Christine had gone out to talk to a potential client and then see a film with her sister.

I did take Carrie for a quick jaunt at lunch down the gravel road across from our driveway. Not enough to really use up her energy, so there was much squeaking of a squeaky toy all evening.

Wednesday wasn't much better, i felt defeated by midafternoon. Sunlight returns tomorrow. I'm hoping that part of my lack of motivation and general surrender is due to some hormonal remnant of my monthly cycle, that has otherwise ended.

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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2017|09:45 am]
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I didn't really notice the "extra" hour yesterday, so i think i took it as sleep. I did notice it getting dark far too early. Fie.

Yard work included: planting three potatoes that had sprouted in the cabinet, tilling up most of a bed and seeding it with greens, then divided some of the "Green and Gold" and "Robin's Plantain" -- both low growing plants in the aster family -- and spread them out some more in the "tapestry lawn" area. I look out and can see the Seminole pumpkin spreading madly everywhere. It's 150 square feet of vine, at least. I'm pondering where i will plant squash next year. It did work quite nicely under the corn, which was the plan, but it's taking far longer than the corn did. It's success in growing over the "lawn" leads me to speculate on a totally different bed for it next year.

I'm jealously looking at the shaded area under two crepe myrtle trees and wondering about veggies *there.* On the other hand, i haven't kept all the beds i have in cultivation, yet, so i shouldn't be too greedy yet.

I'm not doing a very good job getting going this morning. Not sure what that is about. Some function of overcast skies and the time change, although the time change would argue for an earlier start rather than a late.

I'll post this and then do some writing as therapy for the paralysis. I've gone out and picked greens and had an early lunch and i still feel stalled.

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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2017|07:26 am]
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My therapist had made a time management comment which made me a little irritated. The irritation was primarily that, "Yes I KNOW HOW to do time management, just need to reestablish the habit." We talked a bit more, and i think she realized what i was doing and she didn't push. However, her comment led me to have a more specific idea of using calendar entries: i started blocking off post-meeting time to do meeting follow up. It completely filled my Friday, and i felt exhausted at the end of the day. I've had similar issues with other time boxing practices in the past. I apparently want more down time. It's better than not having the time blocks, though, i think, so i'm going to give this practice a month or so to work out.

I think it makes very explicit the issue of incoming to-dos vs available time. That's uncomfortable.

Yesterday i went our around 11 with Carrie. She ran about off leash and i raked leaves and lopped doen a few autumn olive. There were only tow instances of crossing the road: i think this is better than last time. And she found another bone/ I probably could have let her have this one as it was less ... putrid ... but not knowing whether it's road kill dragged into the woods or what leaves me uncomfortable.

After taking her in and giving her an artificial bone (yeah, probably less healthy), i cleaned out a good bit of the tomato plants. I'm pondering potting up some of the plant. Maybe keeping some in the fridge? The base stem lies across the soil and has so many rootlets: it seems that could be a far easier way to start a plant in the spring rather from seed.

I dried some catnip, and i'll dry some mint later today. The Greek oregano and the rosemary have done wonderfully, and the sage is pretty happy too. Yay for herbs.

Christine came out and cleared dried stilt grass from a mystery wooden frame with chicken wire and the now edge of the woods. We hooked cables around bits of the frame and pulled it out with the truck after levering it up over the soil in the frame. It appears to have been a planting area, not a chicken coop. I imagine the previous owner creating a cage for their plants. Given the depredation of my brassica seedlings, i sympathize. Still. It seemed a silly solution. We then took down a line of autumn olive that were right behind the construction. The yard is even more open now, and the black walnut stands more solitary. I scattered the last of the cover crop brassicas in the open area: i may regret in coming years these plants, but i think they'll be far easier to deal with than the chickweed, bittercress, and stilt grass.

The lump of soil will possibly make its home in the variety of holes in the yard. The wood chips we filled the western holes with have decomposed enough to return the ankle twisting hazards.

We are sore, and i have recurring inflammations that contribute to mild malaise. We broke our video limitation rules and watched a show last night: The Durrells in Corfu. One reviewer at IMDB is clearly displeased, but i've found it a delightful show. Admittedly, watching the young boy amass his pets -- a caged pelican, etc -- leads me to thin lipped disapproval. I had ... hoped? ... that the convict in episode three would show some sympathy for the imprisoned critters, but no.

On Friday the fellow we are thinking of using for driveway and orchard root removal and grading work came over and took a look. The constant "just pile the roots up in the woods, they'll rot quickly" response of folks is mildly irritating as i look at the huge logs in the woods that the previous owner left. Other than that, i think he'd be great.

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(no subject) [Nov. 2nd, 2017|09:24 pm]
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Shorter and shorter days.

Went out on the lake with my dad this morning. It was lovely.

Discussing my mother: family traumas & memory issuesCollapse )

Well, it was good to have time to talk about our concerns about Mom, but we also delighted in the early morning light as it hit the autumn colors in the trees. We saw fish jump out of the mirror surface of the water. Crows, cormorants, juvenile eagles, grebes, great blue herons, killdeer & kingfishers.

I tried not to dwell on the fact that my camera batteries almost all are shot (except for one that needed to be recharged), thus i was not taking pictures with the camera but with my phone. It was tranquil, and we explored up a narrow reach that felt wonderfully remote. I showed off the GPS attachment to my iPad with the USGS Quad maps: he thought it was the best thing ever. Their iPad is pre-lightning connector, and i didn't see any GPS on eBay for the older iPad connector format. I have half a thought of getting a new ipad for myself, and giving Dad mine and another GPS dongle. Hrm. A new iPad isn't nearly as expensive as i thought. Hmm.

Speaking of expensive, i'd found that there was a setting on the Galaxy note where it would ignore the hardware signal that the pen was put up (caused by putting the stylus in backwards) and it would sense the pen! Hurrah! And then i put the pen up in the little storage area (where i had broken off the "top" by putting it in backwards) and now i can't get it out. Fie. It turns out that styluses for the older model are available for less than ten dollars. I ordered two. I'm back to not wanting a replacement phone for a good while again.

What we really want is a deer fence around a cleared & graded orchard area, as well as a circle for the driveway.

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Zotero for the week [Nov. 2nd, 2017|01:32 pm]

Pretty techy/work oriented week. The first two or three may be of more general interest.
  • Card catalogs and the secret history of modernity, Tim Carmody (via twitter)
    • Interesting retrospective in the age of big data.
  • Reading by the Numbers: When Big Data Meets Literature (NYT), Jennifer Schuessler
    • Notes:
      • We know how to read texts,” he wrote in a much-quoted essay included in his book “Distant Reading,” which won the 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism. “Now let’s learn how to not read them.”
      • Since 2010, Stanford Literary Lab, which he founded with Matthew Jockers, has issued a string of pamphlets chronicling its research into topics ranging from loudness in the 19th-century novel to the evolving language of World Bank reports.
      • A recent broadside in The Chronicle of Higher Education called “The Digital-Humanities Bust” took a bludgeon to the field’s revolutionary rhetoric,
    • NYT 20110624 What Is Distant Reading?
    • NYT The Book Crunchers
  • Google Search Now Checks Your Local Library For Ebooks
    • Pretty sure library use of linked data behind this. Viva Schema.org.
    • H/T someone on Dreamwidth? I didn't note source.
  • The case against annotations Adam Warski
    • Abstract Annotations were introduced to Java in 2004 and have since enabled a lot of progress and vastly improved the way we write software in the…
    • Read, our authZ  controls are often implemented with annotations
  • Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) Summer 2011,  Volume 23, Issue 3, Special Topic: Organization and People Identifiers
    • Added to my to-read list for work
  • Working group links added for completeness
  • CASA: Campus Activated Subscriber Access - https://goo.gl/NAcukc.
    • Added to my to-grok list for work
  • Blockchains for IAM & Introducing ID Pro
    • Presentations attended at Meet up on Thursday. I asked (obnoxious?) block chain questions and was reminded of my intention to join the professional society. The most important thing was talking to someone who i'd been introduced to via work, and finding out he is chair of the advisory council to which i have been nominated. Also, we lingered long enough i got to take all the yummy cheese and fruit home as well as a bottle of wine
  • FIM4R – Federated Identity Management for Research
    • more to grok for work
  • IDPro Mission & Vision
    • Followed through on joining!
This is also posted at https://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/674363.html .
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👻 boo 👻 [Oct. 31st, 2017|08:34 am]

So, there's the ghost emoji: 👻. I've no idea how that's going to show up in your browser, on your computer. If it does render as a character, the depiction varies on the system "font" - https://emojipedia.org/ghost/

I was feeling playful and labeled today's todo list with the 👻. Then i thought to search Evernote for 👻. This was unsatisfactory. For example, in the string

 << To-dos |OOO| QV D&D >>  

The "<<", "-", and "&" were all hits. Unicode, shmonicode.

However, the Mac's spotlight search was perfect, finding today's, yesterday's, and tomorrow's notes. (I cross-link my todo lists. Crazy person.)

Google & Bing are interesting in how they search for a unicode character, searching more for the name of the character than the character itself. Sadly, that precludes a sort of global picto-language from being searchable....


Monthly report, yeah, sigh.

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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2017|01:50 pm]
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Gorgeous day with very little wind. (Did i mention that i didn't go to the lake because of wind?) While i was talking to a colleague a hawk swooped by the window and briefly perched in the tulip poplar.

When i went out to pick greens for lunch, i added wild garlic greens, chickweed, and bitter cress to the pile. That wasn't hard at all, since i was already bent over to pick greens. Maybe i'll forage more. I do so like having fresh greens at lunch.

I also have been drinking my hibiscus, today with mint. That was a lovely tonic. The fresh hibiscus today -- a bowl of hibiscus pods wait for me to cut the seeds out and lay them out on the dehydration racks -- made a much more red drink than the dried hibiscus i had last week. Was it the presence of dried mint, absence of ginger, or will the red remain if i dry quickly in the dehydrator?

I wonder if i should use the dehydrator on mint, too.

Work has an edge to it today, but eating from the yard is a pleasure.

Yesterday we had a bit of a downer as we looked for a place to stay with Carrie at the beach. Rental places look reasonable and then there's linen fees, cleaning fees, pet fees, etc.

Another dog event of note, on Saturday's off-leash headache exercise, Carrie found two three limb bones still connected at the joint. It was disgusting, she rolled on it, gnawed on it.... Oh i hope it didn't make her sick. I just realized she threw up first thing this morning. Hrm.

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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2017|08:46 am]
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Yesterday's worship message was brought by a Junior at the local Quaker college. I'd asked and was told she was going to talk about her leadings, so i set the tone by reading from the end of "Leading and being Led" by Paul Lakey and sharing the story of Mary Fisher visiting the Sultan of Turkey with the kids.

She spoke authentically about her struggle to trust the leadings and her faith, which was an echo of my message from the week before. I found myself with tears running down my face. I asked, and she knows a wonderful Quaker who does the same work she's feeling led to do, so all is well. I look forward to hearing about her in the future.

We had a potluck, in which all of the blackeyed peas i brought were eaten, so i had no leftovers. Hrm. Home where Christine was just sitting down to watch Shadowlands. I had a headache, and it was raining, so instead of sorting seeds i sat down with her. And watched the whole thing. And cried, heart aching at the love and loss as the CS Lewis character learns love and accepts the pain of loss. Oh, tears. Carrie sat on the couch with us, Greycie Loo and Luigi also took turns. It was a lovely warm way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, but yow, we were left wrung out.

I regret i can't find a place where someone has transcribed the full dialogue where Joy Gresham, CS Lewis' wife, takes on an academic's misogynistic comments. This fan summarizes the scene as follows:
Riley's dry, sarcastic comments make me laugh every time. He can't stand Joy, and she knows it and goes toe to toe with him in one of the funniest scenes in the film. "Do women have souls?" he wonders aloud at a party, in the plummiest of plummy accents, all innocent speculation and scarcely veiled malice. Joy raises an eyebrow and responds in her flat Yankee twang, "Are you trying to be offensive, or merely stupid?"

She prefaces that blunt question with a charmingly disarming preamble that allows the the bluntness to be far more barbed.

In the evening we watched "The Body in The Library" with Joan Hickson's portrayal of Miss Marple. As we went into the second episode, i knew i would be watching later than i would like, but i do like wrapping up the mystery. But no, not only am i totally baffled by whodunit (but i think i see the how, which implies at least one particular conspirator) -- it goes into a third episode. Argh! No! Fie!

I'd meant to take this morning off to go boating with Dad, but he was intimidated by the forecast of winds. Maybe we'll go Wednesday. The drifting off of leaves has not been with much color. A friend at Meeting alleged the trees are ashamed and are only dropping leaves at night. Not entirely true of my trees, where i can see leaves drifting down during a breeze, but it captures the lack of vigor in the colors. On the way home from Meeting, though, the wet leaves under the grey skies glowed. I don't know if the rain washed off dust and knocked down the dull leaves or if it was the wetness and quality of light -- it was a lovely drive home. I hope we can get out and capture mist rising off the lake and autumn color this week.

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Zotero for the week [Oct. 25th, 2017|01:17 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

  • Added under @BooksToGet the Corvinus mysteries H/T https://oursin.dreamwidth.org/2674047.html
    • Book 1 in series $5 kindle Ovid; 20171019 none at overdrive
  • FinTech - new jargon for me
    • 20171011 Mike suggests that a good mach for OTTO due to the PSD2 Banking regs in UK
    • https://openid.net/wg/fapi/
    • https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2017/10/122981-uk-plows-ahead-implementing-psd2-compliant-open-banking/
    • 20171016 Matt Levine Money Stuff: Embattled Fintech Firm SoFi Drops Plan to Open a Bank.
    • 20171018 Matt Levine Money Stuff: J.P. Morgan to Buy Payments Firm WePay in First Major Fintech Acquisition.
  • Cognitive Biases in Programming, Blog Post, Author Yash Ranadive
    • i'm adding "the ikea effect" and "Hyperbolic Discounting" to my conceptual frameworks. Otherwise, not a dramatic read.
  • CVS Taps A Design Legend To Reinvent The Prescription Label. Next Stop: The Pharmacy
  • Discovering the cosmic mines of heavy elements | NSF - National Science Foundation
  • Dressing Older Is About Wealth
    • I think i kinda know what they mean by "menocore," but i dunno.
    • "Turns out linen and drawstrings are functional for a large segment of what 'work' looks like now: a loose, shape-shifting patchwork of part-time jobs." - Matt Levine 20171019 Money Stuff
  • Google Search Now Checks Your Local Library For Ebooks
    • Linked data under the covers.
  • How the Appetite for Emojis Complicates the Effort to Standardize the World’s Alphabets (NYT)
    • Abstract Do the volunteers behind Unicode, whose mission is to bring all human languages into the digital sphere, have enough bandwidth to deal with emojis too?
    • Since i know what unicode is, i didn't find this deep enough.
  • Let’s stop talking about THE design process
    • I have enough in my notes about Stanford's d school process, that this seemed worth coming back to....
  • Millions of years ago, hollow trees literally tore themselves apart to grow
  • Orkney's Stone Age Temple
    • Via Amazon's Britbox subscription
    • Abstract Directed by Simon Winchcombe. With Neil Oliver, Chelsea Budd, Nick Card, Gordon Cook. Neil Oliver explores a recently-discovered Neolithic temple on Orkney - which, at 5,000 years old, pre-dates Stonehenge by 500 years and challenges our map of stone age Britain.
  • TetzelCoin
    • Abstract A token for forgiveness
    • I now have two examples of blockchain art. See also Tulip Token
    • 20171018 Matt Levine's Money Stuff
  • The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Author N. K Jemisin
    • Happily there is a wait for the eBook or i would have plowed through the second in the trilogy as well. I'm not sure the library's overdrive account has the third in the trilogy.
  • The KRACK Attacks and Libraries Author Galen Charlton
  • When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy (NYT)
    • Abstract As a young social psychologist, she played by the rules and won big: an influential study, a viral TED talk, a prestigious job at Harvard. Then, suddenly, the rules changed.
    • Where by "rules" they mean, the understanding of how to determine a significant observation in a social science study.
    • Take away #1: this feels partly like backlash to some woman succeeding in science to me, depressing.
    • Take away #2: Much of the recent social science "discoveries" seem to be in question? So maybe check on more recent work to see if it has withstood new scrutiny before asserting it?
  • Wild and Captive Chimpanzees Share Personality Traits With Humans (NYT)
    • Hopefully using the new understanding of significant results.

Observations: Ah, there's an advanced search in Zotero: that would have helped pull out entries where the notes fell in the date range. Taking the time to do this helped me clean up a bit of the metadata. Maybe i am keeping up with my hat-tip notes, but i've my doubts. I appreciate the reading lists y'all circulate!

This is also posted at https://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/673292.html .
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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2017|11:43 am]
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Past EG tried hard to get a post written, but was trying to do many other things. Current EG thanks Past EG for TRYING and recognizes that there are too many things at top of mind. Current EG hopes future EG will be happy that Current EG is writing a weird post at least.

The above time twisting note based on a practice suggested in the NYT (see below).

It's been wet and cool and autumnal: it's delightful. I don't know if my seedlings are going to be able to make any progress, but they will be hardened off enough to make it through the chance of frost in the early hours of Monday.

I used my archived journal entries in reviewing a practice i engaged in 2005. I certainly found more time to journal then. I realize that i have my evernote archives now, that have daily logs and topical logs and all sorts of recordings.... Having the evernote logs is certainly useful for pulling to-dos and such out of this venue, but, then again, i'd like to participate more in the day to day sharing.

Fortunately, my noon meeting has been cancelled, yay, so i can keep trying to whittle down the list of things whirling in my head. Today's XKCD speaks to me. Erm, Monday's.:
    [Megan is sitting and looking at a laptop.] 
    Megan: I started the day with lots of problems. 
    Megan: But now, after hours and hours of work, 
    Megan: I have lots of problems in a spreadsheet. 
    Title text: I started off with countless problems. 
    But now I know, thanks to COUNT(), that I have
    '#REF! ERROR: Circular dependency detected’ problems.

Herrera, Tim. “Your Best Tips for Beating Procrastination.” The New York Times, July 23, 2017, sec. Smarter Living. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/23/smarter-living/your-best-tips-for-beating-procrastination.html.

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Incomplete post including earlier incomplete post [Oct. 25th, 2017|11:43 am]
Last week autumn made a strong appearance. I wrote

The weather is just wonderful. A week ago i couldn't imagine having a frost by the end of the month, now i can. It doesn't look like we will - in this time before dawn and at the same point in a week we might just go below 40. The heat is running though. For some reason i had the thermostat set to 62° until noon, and it just seemed a bit crisper than we needed.

Friday night we had a bonfire with the pile of brush, etc on the east side of the house. Once i finished burning the piles of brush, i put fuel more appropriate for a camp fire on the bed of coals, Christine ordered a pizza, and we sat out for a while under the stars. We saw a meteor, and i read a novel (ah, digital technology). It was a excellent Friday night. I'm going to start setting aside firewood for such pleasant evenings.

Saturday i let Carrie run off leash while i raked leaves and fussed. She ran across the road a few times, but i think she got the message that we were NOT going down the gravel road across the road. She wouldn't let us get near her for a long time: i think she was wary about ending her liberty. I hope if it becomes a familiar practice she will be less wary, which will be less worrisome. Meanwhile Christine stayed inside through the initial experiences, which helped me deal with Carrie'e rambunctiousness in a casual way instead of being constrained by Christine's over-protection.
Yes, the road proximate dog was risky, but i think it will be worth it to have her be able to be outside in the yard with us off leash.

The rest of Saturday was yet another burn of several much larger piles, plus additional brush pulled from the woods. (We still have stuff cut down to fence in the goats or killed by the goats stripping it from summer 2016.)

It seems that many native spring flowers come with long tap roots that i can't imagine intentionally placing in our septic field.

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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2017|09:17 am]

http://www.electoral-vote.com/ has not updated today! So, why might they not have updated:

1) Usually they post up to the election and then stop. They have finally figured the election is over?

2) Ah, but in a post i can not find they said they would post through inauguration....

3) And then i think they planned to stay posting through the appointments....

So maybe they've decided the appointments will never be filled?

4) Or maybe there was no new news yesterday?

Which is my theory. Not once, yesterday, did i look at the NYTimes front page and think, "Wait, what? Now what?!" Which is nice.

Meanwhile, Mount Agung in Bali is gonna blow any day. My sister in law is headed to Singapore on Friday for work, and Bali for bucket list on the 25th-ish. What with fires, floods, hurricanes and hurricanes and hurricanes in Ireland, plus earthquakes -- we are definitely missing volcanic eruptions. And blizzards.

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The recent past & speculations on the coming weekend - from Tuesday's POV [Oct. 17th, 2017|09:16 am]
[Tags|, , ]

Monday headache enough to stop work and take a nap. minor complaintsCollapse )

Carrie's chewing over the weekend included my nice leather wallet from Levenger and my neice's Garmin Vivio (a fitbit type thing).

Also discovered the cats had been relieving themselves in an Ikea bag that contained my photography vest, some unwashed hiking socks, and other miscellaneous hiking and photography bits from August that i had not unpacked. So far the enzyme cleaners seem to be making a good difference.

My pets are going to teach me to Put Stuff Up. Sigh.

Weather is spectacular today! Dew point is in the mid 50s and the sky is an incredible blue ("California blue" is how i think of it since moving from the SF Bay Area). I am a little bummed that we went from humid to crisp without much mild in between. Tonight is dinner with my sister in law before she heads to Asia for a few weeks, so i won't be able to use this lovliness to work in the yard tonight. This Saturday, though, will be a bonfire day.

My sister is back from Germany today. O Travel -- i don't envy them at all.

I bravely told a correspondent from the local county mailing list that i'd be happy to meet up with him for coffee. Social. Eep. But probably good for me. We were corresponding about county politics and history.

As a side note, for an insignificant southern county, there are a handful of nonfiction books about the area. The naturalist book has a strong thread of economic/entrepreneurial content, that i _assume_ complements the slow money thread. Neither is technically about the county, but i believe both have a strong sense of the place. I wonder if there are other books, and whether this is unusual.

Estill, Lyle. Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future. New York: New Society Publishers, 2011. http://www.deslibris.ca/ID/436551.

Hewitt, Carol Peppe. Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money. Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 2013.

Kaufman, Wallace. Coming Out Of The Woods: The Solitary Life Of A Maverick Naturalist. First Printing edition. Cambridge, Mass.: Da Capo Press, 2000.

(To be clear, i'm not talking about the infinite number of local histories and genealogical references that i'm sure most counties have produced.)

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Randomness [Oct. 16th, 2017|08:41 am]
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I listened to American Icons: One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest as i drove home from Charlotte yesterday evening. I was unfamiliar with the novel & movie: i'm glad to have picked up a bit of American culture by listening. The interview with the actress who played Nurse Ratched was interesting. I felt certain i recognized her voice, especially as she spoke of her interpretation of the character, a woman with power, doing what she believes is the right thing (and apparently doing something horrible). It turns out she's the actress who played Kai Winn / Vedek Winn on Deep Space Nine.

An interesting reprise, i should think, then.

--== ∞ ==--

Carrie watching the Crufts 125th Dog Agility Championship

Last night, after deciding that a second episode of Dirk Gently (2010) (of the Holistic Detective Agency) would bring no joy, i decided i'd put on something Carrie would like. So, here's Carrie watching the Crufts 125th Dog Agility Championship from youtube. She was riveted while the dogs were on the course. She'd lay down her head after the competitor left the field, but when the next one took the course, she was back at full attention. Watching the dogs weave through the slalom poles was amazing. Carrie definitely has a deep streak of border collie in her.

With respect to Dirk Gently i feel like it's "Sherlock was a big hit, let's try to do something else." I am wrong about this, apparently, as it came out the same year as Sherlock began. Something about the visual language of the deductive process seems so similar. Now that i think about it, there's a little bit of overlap, too, with the portrayal of the second detective in Death in Paradise. Perhaps there's a limit to how many British produced mysteries one can consume.

--== ∞ ==--

This week i trusted in the worship process and i trusted that it isn't my job to make sure an hour is filled. Having a half hour for waiting worship is just fine: that's just me. I gave the message yesterday, and was well supported after. The most flattering and sweet thing was someone telling me they were surprised i'd only been attending for a year and a few months. It's lovely to know i've fit in so well.

I do need to write a letter to transfer my membership.

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Slack Channels [Oct. 13th, 2017|07:29 am]

SLACK: i have to use Slack for a standards committee i'm on, and so i'm interested to know if there are slack channels folks find useful. The easily found lists of "best slack channels" don't match my interests.

Any suggestions?


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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2017|09:02 am]
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Somewhere between sauteed and seared green tomatoes are just delicious. As the season draws to a close, i feel the need to be thrifty with bug-beset tomato fruits. I've suspected the critters hide in chewed up fruit and so i've been dumping them in the woods. But the nibbled on tomatoes i've been cutting them up (generally, for the grape tomatoes, simply a half that is good and a half that's been nibbled) and cooking them in the cast iron pan. Sure, really really ripe tomatoes are divine, but these are pretty good.

The greens are just beginning to be big enough to care about and not be too fussy when thinning. And the second planting of yellow squash is putting forth tiny little yellow fruit. It's hard to decide whether to pick them or not. Some i've picked and they've still been a bit green, others seem like they could have grown more.

We also have had some lovely rain: that should help gardening all around. I've planted some more beets and carrots to see if i can get them going before the first frost. I've seedlings of lettuce and particular brassicas in the green house that i should get out in the garden.

--== ∞ ==--
This morning i am reading [personal profile] sonia's writing about healing around the edges as part of getting back into the habit of following my self-help reading schedule. I put the items in the reading list over the past few years, but in Nov of last year i stopped using my to-do list software (emacs org file, for the curious). I am trying to get back into the list habit, but as i restart i find EVERYTHING is overdue. Anyhow, i will truncate this digression to just say, yay me, i'm getting a self care habit back.

So, at some point, i noted that there are two "traumas" i want to work through (1) the awful years at work when VP Z was in charge and was keeping the then New Director at his side, and (2) the effect of Christine's elephants.

I was working with my somatic experiencing therapist during the Z-hell to cope through it. Just thinking about that time brings tears and the need to go through a cycle of feeling and then distancing myself from the feelings. I'm impressed by how quickly i found that distress lingering. It's clear i may need to be somewhat intentional about resolving those feelings.

--== ∞ ==--

The spiders have mostly learned to stay clear of paths, it seems. They're still about: almost every window has a creature with a body at least the size of a quarter spinning a classic spoked web. Up above the front sidewalk a couple of spiders create their large webs. I suppose i'm going through some sort of exposure therapy, slowly reducing my aversion to the creatures. Maybe. If i think about them i find myself stressed. Breathe in, out, in, out.

After skimming through some resources, i think what has happened is that the spring baby orb weavers are finally big enough to make the massive webs by late August, creating spider web season. The females are probably getting as much food as they can for reproduction, and then, with the first frost, they'll be out of here.

It helps a little to understand why they aren't around all year.


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Leading Worship at a Semi Programmed Quaker Meeting [Oct. 10th, 2017|07:16 am]

I was asked by [personal profile] warriorsavant what leading worship meant, and i thought it might be of broader interest.

The Quaker meeting i am now attending (and to which i will soon transfer membership) is semiprogrammed. In a very brief history, Quakers came to the US with their practice of waiting worship with no prepared plan of what would happen during the worship time other than waiting in silence for the Spirit to move folks to share messages. (A current visitor to such meetings in the US might develop a suspicion the Spirit was named NPR, but i digress.)

With the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, many Friends moved west, leaving the early Quaker communities smaller. In places like North Carolina "smaller" meant quite small. Also, leading up to the civil war, the second "great awakening" was going on in the US, with protestant revivals attracting much attention. Between the influence of the other churches activities and the limited resources of a small congregation, the inclination to hire a pastor to help fill the needs instead of relying on the whole of the community became attractive. So, circa 1900, a good number of Quaker Meetings in North Carolina left the traditional practices, started hiring ministers, and soon became less distinct from Baptists and Methodists.

The Meeting i'm attending apparently ceased having a minister about 12 or 15 years ago. They've not gone fully to "open worship" but still have a pianist a couple times a month and folks in the meeting take turns leading worship.

So that's me.

Ever since volunteering, i've been making notes to try and figure out the "order of service," a concept that pulls at my childhood memory of t the Presbyterian Church. I remember learning the formality of the Presbyterian service, concepts such as making sure that credo, praise, confession, intercession were all present in the worship. That clearly isn't going on. It's more the structure of opening, announcements and then sharing "joys and concerns", then a bit of structure with children's message, collecting offering (if there are kids to take 'round the wooden plates) with potential singing, then a message.

I've gotten the sense over the year plus that each person brings their own qualities when they lead. Some read from the bible, some from positive thinking email lists, from from Quaker sources. Everyone's different, so if my difference is that there's much more "open worship" --well, then, so be it.

Except i can't help but worry that i'm doing it wrong. Because that's my being new to the whole thing. It's my insecurity, my being in front of people, my sudden blanking out of names....

I plan to check in with someone for a little advice, so there's that.

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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2017|07:24 am]
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Weekend went *poof*. There was quite a bit of humidity, but finely rain. I sprinkled around more lawn seed+white clover in some areas, and oats, rape, and tillage radish in the orchard-to-be area.

The house came with a nice modest fenced yard. It's a little small for Carrie to race around in. It's better than nothing, but we have to work to get her places where she can exercise. Edward & Luigi really want out, now, too. They would be quite pleased to jump over the fence and go exploring. The orchard area abuts the fenced yard, so the current plan is to just replace the white plastic yard fence with deer fencing around a much larger area that is a deer (and coyote and bobcat and racoon) out, pets and fruit trees in area. The fence is going to need to be much more serious than i imagined. IE: we'll be hiring someone.

The oats and brassicas i'm sowing in the future orchard are not only "green manure" but also their presence will hopefully deter the winter chickweed and bittercress from Europe and the spring stilt grass. I'd imagined planting vegetables and flowers under the apples, i'm going to have to ponder how this is going to work if we are also using it as the yard for the pets.

I probably ought to be getting lime out there now. Then whenever we get the heavy machinery to grade and maybe disk the area.... well, first to get rid of the "trash" trees and the rescues of the native plants and mosses we find.

This weekend i dehydrated some of the grape tomatoes. They're like candy now. I am torn between just nibbling away and saving them for some lovely meal in the middle of winter. I think if i can visualize the meal, i might be able to hold off.

There's a good number of half ripe tomatoes on a plant that has been killed by some critter eating all the leaves. I wonder if i should pickle those. The salty green tomato pickles are still being enjoyed.

--== ∞ ==--

I led worship again this past Sunday, with a great amount of shyness and performance anxiety. I know it's not a performance. I know they aren't judging me. But but but.

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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2017|02:08 pm]

Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? Scientists Prove Elon Musk Wrong

While i am all for proving Elon Musk wrong, i can't say i'm satisfied that the our experience of reality can't be a computer simulation because keeping track of all the particles would require more particles than is in the universe. It seems a particularly uncreative analysis, and it certainly isn't thought out like someone who would program a simulated reality. In a simulation, occom's razor doesn't work out the same way. It's not the simplest solution to keep track of every atom in my sofa. And the subroutine IfPhysicistIsLooking can introduce the atoms at time of need.

I'm sure i'm missing something. Maybe Elon Musk believes the simulation began with the big bang?


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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2017|06:16 am]

As is evident from my prior posts, i finally froze my credit as everyone advised post Equifax negligence. If you were saying to yourself, meh, i'll get around to it once the mad rush is over, i had no issues with the system. It was odd to go from Transunion's click through account creating extravaganza (requiring looking up various values to prove i was me) to the new cretit reporting company Innovis. Innovis has apparently decided that immediate gratification isn't worth it and they will use the US mail to validate who you are. (I found they also do that when requesting a credit report, as well.)

Anyhow, adulting: check.

In yard work yesterday i began digging up the gladiolus which is where we want to extend the drive way. There are many many many. Anyone want peachy with pink accent gladiolus cormlets and corms? I've read that in the Carolinas they don't need to be lifted in the winter, and given how this patch has grown dense in the previous owner's neglect, these are proven through NC cold snaps. I don't know how well they'd manage through, say, a Colorado winter. I've completed digging up about half the patch and would be happy send them on. It's tempting to think of breeding hybrid glads, but who am i kidding: they are deer food. I'll never see seeds.

I should note, too, the plants are growing in brick hard clay.

In product recommendations: Luci. I bought a pair for camping some time back, and they are light and bright and solar powered. What more could you want? Well, the cool LED light is a pretty stark color. Recently i bought two more with a warm LED and a "flicker". It's a lovely replacement for candle flames.

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Equifax Terms Of Use [Oct. 5th, 2017|03:57 pm]

Innovis & Experian had no click through agreements with particularly boilerplate text. That was nice.

Whoops - i missed the privacy and security boiler plate.

http://www.equifax.com/privacy/ - hahahaha.
https://www.alerts.equifax.com/AutoFraud_Online/pdf/Security_Policy.pdf - how to tell if ssl is on if you are using internet explorer

Equifax is short straightforwardCollapse )

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TransUnion Terms of Use [Oct. 5th, 2017|03:14 pm]

And i'm trusting these folks to freeze my credit why?

ETA: six blocked advertisers on the privacy policy, one on the freeze form itself.

Clickwrap from TransunionCollapse )

ETA - oh yeah, the privacy policy: " In general, we will use the information collected from you for the purpose for which you provided such information. We will not release your Personally Identifiable Consumer Information to third parties except: (1) as necessary for us to process your transaction or (2) as permitted by law. These third parties are not allowed to use Personally Identifiable Consumer Information except for the purpose of providing these services."

privacy policyCollapse )

At least NC law provides for free freezes.

But wait, there's a specific credit freeze T&C.

blah blahCollapse )

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Filling the Form [Oct. 5th, 2017|08:17 am]
[Tags|, ]

Take the list or similar, and quickly dash off three small things in each area that can be done to improve your quality of being. Then set aside. Repeat the process some time later (a quarter? "ten week" period?) and then review the previous one. Tag taw@w & ftf

1. health and appearance (eg: wardrobe)
  • apply steroids for rashes with more regularity.
  • ankle & plantar stretches as discussed with health coach
  • stop getting older, i think, as i look at the skin on the back of my hand. Although, never mind, i prefer getting older to the alternative....

2. creativity, reading, entertainments
  • music listening more at work
  • get out some crochet for TV evenings? 
  • practice a bit more with photography management from the laptop
3. spiritual growth
  • more intentionality about time early morning/late night outside listening in order to ground and center while experiencing the awe/delight of the night sky and sounds
  • more queries?
  • i find myself thinking more about mental health than spiritual growth, although i believe i have a more rich meditation life when not taking antidepressants. Maybe working on being less distracted during my centering.
4. relationships with friends & family
  • reach out to sibs
  • there is a huge pile of "oughts' viz being in contact with folks here
5. working environment, growth (front room & office)
  • i have creative plans for decor in the front room - spoonflower wall paper to cover up the kiddie border and replace with something that coordinates with the comforter set. And i bought a decent lampshade at the thrift store yesterday. 
  • more intentionality about training and learning
  • goals are due at work tomorrow anyhow....
6. the solution
  • go through the year's worth of plant photos (and critters) & id
  • then post to iNat
  • then get website going
7. cooking & eating
  • perhaps more dinner prep during lunch, when there are spoons available?
  • sprout seeds have been ordered!
  • dehydrate some of the bounty of grape tomatoes (and make sure to save seed!)
8. living spaces (inc vehicles)
  • spoonflower for some livingroom decor
  • fix garage
  • fix crack in front landing
9. errands, paperwork, chores
  • get back into the orgfile, to do list rhythm
  • use D&D/pomodoro to take small bites out of the todo lists
This is also posted at https://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/669770.html .
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haimish [Oct. 3rd, 2017|02:25 pm]

Today in my NYTimes reading, twice, the word "haimish," which i don't recall ever seeing before.

From Wikipedia: Haimish (also Heimish): Home-like, friendly, folksy (Yiddish היימיש heymish, cf. German heimisch)

Google NGram for haimish, heimish

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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2017|06:39 am]
[Tags|, ]

Wednesday late afternoon i felt the onslaught of ick. I am thankful for my work benefits which include significant sick time, so i took Thursday and Friday off to coddle myself. If my evening suduko is a measure of mental acuity, i wasn't at my best. I read three novels and skimmed a fourth (Asimov, Scalzi, and two from Lee & Miller). I'm also thankful for library eBook systems such as Overdrive and the ease in which i could get such distractions without leaving bed. No need to watch soap operas, one of my vague memories of childhood sick days.

The weekend was magnificent for yard work, and Christine set to. I appreciated the weather, but didn't want to undo the efforts of the two rest days. Saturday i repotted some seedlings and seeded some flats. Sunday afternoon i mowed and raked: autumn is here in a droughty manner. "Fine, i'm just gonna drop leaves now, can't be bothered with color, k thanx bye."

I've a handful of little discomforts, and i think the lingering cold is causing sore throat issues. I also have discomforts in my mouth that i blame on the cold. By the end of yesterday's workday i was dragging. Christine was too - can't tell if it's from clearing the orchard area of stilt grass and autumn olive or if she's fighting the cold as well. We managed to get the evening chores done, which included a trip to the grocery store. Doing the bakery and deli at the end seemed to make a significant difference in the grocery trip. I was pleasantly surprised that such a small change could make a difference to my energy. It didn't make a large difference to the final outcome -- we still brought home sweets from the bakery -- but it felt like a choice we made instead a temptation.

The garden was ignored for much of last week. I was delighted to find the hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa aka roselle) blooming. I planted it in hopes of hibiscus tea, but the deer foraged on it rather extensively. Whether the deer have moved on or the stinky deterrent (de-deerant) is working, i'm not sure, but one of the plants finally was able to put on some growth and reach about 3' high. I thought the herbivory was the cause of the lack of blooms, but it turns out that it is an autumn bloomer.

One yellow squash actually put forth a full sized fruit: i was worried that the plants would be responding to the short days by only putting forth two inch long stunted fruit.

A caterpillar has eaten the dill seedling. I let it be, but overnight i worried about the critter: that single seedling is it. I think i can relocated it to some parsley: i've found a suggestion that it would be a suitable food source. (I'm a little greedy about my parsley, but....)

The winter garden has not really taken off. I can't tell if it's due to drought or the clay soil (or perhaps insect herbivory). I'm trying not to pout too much and remember how long the spring garden lasted. If i can keep from cooking seedlings this spring, and i can deter the deer, ....

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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2017|10:23 am]

No comment is made in this article on the irony of the organization "Man Group" fostering an AI

At least, i didn't find it on my skim.

H/T Matt Levine's Money Stuff newsletter, which is filled with adorable snark about blockchain and silicon valley.

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Chestnuts! [Sep. 28th, 2017|10:23 am]

I attended an ag extension event on growing chestnut trees last night with 60+ other folks. Christine rode up with me to take Carrie for a walk at a nearby park on the Haw River. The google estimate for time to drive did not take into account school buses or tractors, but running late didn't really cause any issues.

The 15 year old chestnut trees were inspirational, bearing fruit and not crazy large. The extension guy was not. He was all about yield and scientific monoculture, high velocity lead poisoning for deer, herbicide strips, etc. I grew to appreciate some of the advice: food safety requirements imply certain behaviors to protect against contamination. On the other hand, the guy whose farm we were visiting basically blew off much of the advice as too much work for the potential yield increase.

I've been reading about "permiculture" practices and the arguments that having different systems producing (eg, cropping something else under trees) more than make up for the reduced yields of the tree due to competition with the alternative. For example, if you are growing an apple tree with onions underneath, the apples and onions might not be as productive as grown on their own, but the combination productivity is greater than one or the other alone.

I learned something i could never learn online which is how to pick chestnuts up without having to pick up the prickly husk. In the demonstration and practice, i ended up with a pocket full of chestnuts, and those are now sitting in moist paper towels in my fridge, "stratifying." I also connected with a heritage seed grower who has chinquapins, the native "dwarf chestnut" species. These will grow as understory plants, which means they can replace the cursed Autumn Olive. Some of the folks i chatted with also grown native hazelnuts, which are also on my wishlist. I was warned off the Arbor Day foundation offerings.

--== ∞ ==--

After Christine picked me up we went to a pizza place, not far from the farm, thus still in the middle of the country. The menu looked good, the pizza looked good -- but there was no salt! Pizza crust with no salt is weirdly unsatisfactory.

--== ∞ ==--

This morning i found out that a citrus tree i wanted to grow is considered a moderate risk of being invasive, and thus would block me from ever having a certified native garden. I've since discovered that there are citrus hardy enough for my zone, though, so the end result is that i will likely get a plant that will produce more useful fruit and won't be invasive. Satsuma mandarins are one of the recommended species, which sounds quite delightful.

(I thought this posted yesterday. Sigh.)

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Mindfulness [Sep. 26th, 2017|01:47 pm]

Mindfulness moment 1Collapse )
AT THE GROCERY STORE: let's take two sugar cookies, sandwich a layer of icing, and then roll the edges in blue & white sprinkles for being Jewish. We'll just label them "holiday cookies."

At least it wasn't for Passover.

Mindfulness moment 2Collapse )

It's really odd to realize that i've been labeling a certain physical reaction "blues" because it seemed crying would be the natural release of the sensation, and then recognize it as stress. I wonder how significant a shift in perception this will be.

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